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Will it be third time lucky for ladies' man Terry, and will Rajan's bold dating techniques and unique line of questioning work this time? Can Rhys handle the one-way stream of nanny Georgia's conversation topics, which include: Georgia's schooling, Georgia's dinner preferences, Georgia's holidays and Georgia's fish phobia? Meryl, a 60-year-old widow, hopes for someone 'with a pulse' who can keep up out clubbing. Hank, who's 4' 11", wants to meet a lady to love him for who he is. Joey Essex, Melinda Messenger, Sandra from Gogglebox and Lady Colin Campbell bravely embark on blind dates with unsuspecting members of the public, in this special episode for Stand Up To Cancer. Meanwhile, Lee's ready to hang up his party hat and settle down, and Abbi immediately catches his eye. Female sumo wrestler Sharran meets ex-bingo-caller David, who's been unlucky in love. First Dates Hotel Gute Nachrichten für Fans der Dating-Doku Seit April 2020 läuft die neue Dating-Doku "First Dates Hotel" bei VOX. Liberty strutted into the First Dates restaurant early last year determined to find love – and she did! Out of all the dating series that come and go, Channel 4’s First Dates has proven itself as one of the most successful. Carl and Marissa's date gets intense, spiritual and really quite steamy. Teaching assistant Liberty's looking for a man who can handle her 'right amount of crazy'. #FirstDates.". Could 2020 be the Year of the New Significant Other? 44 min. The pandemic in 2020 caused the IRS to extend the 2019 tax filing deadline from April 15, 2020 to July 15, 2020. The cute couple have been going strong since first meeting in 2016, and recently moved in together. And Ruby's back. Created by Ana de Moraes. First Dates series 13 episode 3 introduced viewers to Rich and Cara from Newport, Wales. Ex-pop star Jay and call centre manager Brett reveal some surprises from their past and play a game of dare. Dan and Adam got engaged after meeting on First Dates. Twins Rebecca and Stephen nervously embark on dates with engineer Kristian and legal assistant Emily. Meanwhile, teacher Masackia doesn't like exotic food but would like an exotic man. Paul is desperate for love and also heart-wrenchingly worried that fear makes his stutter worse. And Bella has swapped boarding school for the fetish world; does Bertie share her proclivities? And financial investigator Sylthea gives her date a grilling. Can Cameron help politics graduate Joe leave the singles market? Has Joe met his Bond girl? Mary from Liverpool is looking for a 'straight Paul O'Grady'. Does 6' 4" Ross fit the bill? He meets bubbly phlebotomist Tracey. She also regularly shares snaps of herself with Will on Instagram, and jokily posted a photo of him in a banana shirt back in March, writing: "So not hot to trot.". Magazine editor Alex arrives at the restaurant sporting bright blue hair. A storm brews as 27-year-old hairdresser Ben breezes in for his date with Daisy, and fantasy writer Sarah returns after her last date went awry. Some like it hot, but is Marilyn Monroe lookalike Elle too hot for fireman Marc to handle? Scientist Gerald meets 'free spirit' Lisa. Can Tim, who's in his late thirties, charm Jenny into a second date? In First Dates, real people go on blind dates in a restaurant with a unique twist. Primary school teacher Richard gives his date Jess a '15 out of 10'. Will estate agent John give Sarah, who's deaf, the butterflies in the stomach she's hoping for? Will Gary's karaoke skills impress Nicole? Will he click with old-fashioned romantic Sarah? Thrice-married octogenarian Cliff dates 84-year-old Margaret. On her date, she met stockbroker Pearse and, after a tricky start, the two had a connection, and have been together ever since. Hannah and Lee both love festivals; will they make sweet music together? You can apply to go on First Dates or the spin-off series First Dates Hotel via Can well-heeled head hunter Phil sweep picky wine aficionado Lucinda off her feet? This special episode reveals what some First Dates Hotel daters are up to now - from chicken farmer Griff to Perry in his gold trunks, and London 'ladette' Lauren - and looks back at memorable moments, A new crop of singletons roll up to the First Dates restaurant, including a self-confessed party animal seeking someone just as wild, a disco dancer, an ex-Playboy bunny, and a biker daredevil. Lyn has a surprise for her date Steve: she's pregnant. Could this be first love for the pair of them? What will she make of gentleman Mehmet? Chrissie and Jonny have one of First Dates' most sexually charged dates ever. And Cindy and Elan, who have matching outfits, bond over matters of the heart and family. Dramatic events unfold on fashion assistant Jade's date with wrestler Lewis. ", Ibiba and Aaron welcomed a daughter together. Chelsea girl Montana meets cheeky chappy Joe. Memories of childhood bullies have knocked Zoe's confidence. Meanwhile, TJ, who's been told that he looks like Johnny Depp, turns up for his date after a few daytime drinks. Activate HELLO! She's never been on a night out without her wig... until now. Fred Sirieix and his team are heading to the British countryside to celebrate love in perfectly Christmassy location.Â. A surprise ending leads to a First Dates first in this episode. Ekow thinks love is insane; will Deborah change his mind? März 2019: Ist bei der Vox-Show "First Dates" (Montag bis Freitag, 18 Uhr auf Vox) alles nur ein Fake? Can celebrity singletons Sinitta, Michael Fabricant MP, Roman Kemp and Jan Leeming find love with unsuspecting members of the public? Will hairdresser Lauren fall for party boy Danny's perma-tan chutzpah, or will his Dutch courage put her off? Will glamorous dental nurse Cece make DJ Collins' heart skip a beat? Can charmer Hussein handle bricklayer Molly's banter? We both genuinely believe it was practically love at first sight. And when stunning Sasha is stood up, waiter Sam comes to the rescue. Can gregarious aristocrat Count Anthony bring shy Silvia out of her shell? Mittwoch um 20:15 Uhr auf sixx! Each episode was also available to stream on All 4 . Chris hopes to overcome his geeky stereotype on his date. Olive and Terence, who are both in their 80s, bond over memories of lost loves, tennis and amateur dramatics. Locksmith Roberto is proud of his Italian roots, but will his poor knowledge of European countries harm his chances with Croatian-born nanny Aleksandra? First Dates 2020 will continue every Thursday night in the same timeslot for approximately 10 episodes. And finding the right man has been a tall order for 6' 3" firefighter Nikki. Things move at a much faster pace these days… Our decision to go on First Dates was the best of our lives. How will nervous Mark react when free spirit Sophia reads his palm? And hairdresser Bonnie hopes semi-pro boxer Perry can show her his more sensitive side. Beauty queen Sophie meets cheeky-chappy Bailey, as 59-year-old Rachel has her first ever date with a woman, blonde bombshell Debs. There's a theme of second chances in this episode, with diners returning to the First Dates restaurant hoping not to repeat past mistakes. Ruth wants to find a man who can keep up with her in her saucy seventies. First Dates (Vox): Daniel hat gleich bei zwei Frauen Chancen. Casey, a 25-year-old charity shop manager, has his dream white wedding all mapped out. Justin, who's 25, has never had a girlfriend; how will Maisie react to the dating methods he learned from a book? Will the stars align for sci-fi fans Warren and John? And Kenny and his biceps James and Andrew are back in the restaurant. And is there chemistry between neuroscientist Michael and publishing assistant Hannah? Will his chat-up lines impress Corinne, who has a history of meeting all the wrong men? How will model Laura react when she finds out what tall, dark Dan does for a living? Will Star Wars fan Rachel give self-confessed nerd Lachlan a new hope? Will young-at-heart octogenarians Patricia and Alan find love? Ketan, who has autism, meets Brodie, who's looking for a man with quirks. With his cover boy looks and cut-glass accent, Adam comes straight off the slopes at Verbier for a date with 'ex-pat brat' Sophie. Dec 18, 2020 FluxFactory Getty Images. Can executive PA Victoria mend sales manager Scott's broken heart, following the break-up of his eight-year relationship? Reiki practitioner Sairaphina hopes to re-energise her love life. First through the doors is Anna, who has a lengthy list of what she wants from her perfect man. Dad-of-two Graeme, who's 33 and six foot five, is on his first date since his wife passed away. First Dates: the couples who have stayed together after meeting on the show, First Dates star Fred Sirieix shares never-before-seen photo of his son, First Dates star Fred Sirieix shares big update on wedding plans, Inside First Dates Hotel star Fred Sirieix's stunning home in London. Are tennis-playing Stephanie and ex-rugby player Stuart a match made in heaven? Lee from Leigh meets the girl of his dreams but forgets her name. Ruth has come to her date with 'Mike' - her colostomy bag. It's Valentine's Day at the First Dates restaurant. With Brian Protheroe, Fred Sirieix, CiCi Coleman, Merlin Griffiths. März 2020, 12:30 Uhr. Do six-foot-tall legal PA Jordan and basketball player William have too much in common? Twelve years ago, a brain injury turned Ben's world upside down. And road sweeper Bruce, 58, hopes he can find a lady who'll love him for who he is. The show confirmed that the couple went for a second date, and according to Fran's Twitter, the pair are still very much going strong since meeting in 2017. Plus: First Dates' oldest ever dater, and the return of science technician Ian. If you wish to change your mind and would like to stop receiving communications from, you can revoke your consent by clicking on "unsubscribe" in the footer of the newsletter. Dental nurse Jade hopes to get her teeth into a tall alpha male. And one of them gets down on one knee... Will TV aerial erector Aaron get a good reception for his cheeky one-liners from nursery worker Darcy? Fellow Italians Marco and Chiara bond over their roots; criminology student Luka, who's fascinated by serial killers, meets musician Daniel; and two care workers from Preston date. Die Sendung läuft immer mittwochs um 20:15 Uhr auf sixx. And will waxing entrepreneur Sherie's Marilyn Monroe dress be a hit with Richard? Fran, who was named the UK's hottest Milf in 2014, meets builder and part-time erotic thriller writer Colin. Welsh hairdresser Jess, who's 25, looks for a man who's a cut above the rest. Talkative primary school teacher Sarah-Jayne is looking for her Prince Charming, but would Martin shave off his beard for her? And will latex-loving Shirlie bond with her fellow divorcee Dave? Ahead of First Dates returning to Channel 4 (and on their anniversary), Hema shared a gallery of sweet snaps of the pair, writing: "9th April 2016, 9pm I walked into the #FirstDates restaurant and met you. First Dates Hotel. In this episode there's a double date as 21-year-old best mates Josh and Jack visit the restaurant. How to apply. Rock fan Anthony, who's 64, meets retired nurse and amateur magician Barbara. Serial dater Jack, who's looking for a 'naughty sort', thinks his luck's in when he meets glamorous fire-breather Safina. 's newsletter, you acknowledge that you have read and accepted's privacy policy, the cookies policy, and the website terms of use, and that you consent to using your data according to the established laws. But that is the nature of modern Britain. 'Cupcake king' Sunny meets fellow self-professed boffin Misha. The pair then fell in love and got engaged on Christmas Day the following year – how sweet! Can Rebecca see past Freddie's nerves? And librarian Louise dreams of his and hers Christmas jumpers. A look back at some full-on first encounters where sparks flew. Can entrepreneur Russell handle stand-up comedian Kelly's banter? Sexagenarians Lynda and Philip both like younger men. Now comes the really hard part: planning your first date. Mum of three Mandy's date with gentle giant Andrew is going well until Mandy - who has Crohn's disease - starts to feel unwell. DJ Terry Turbo is back and he says he's changed his Jack-the-lad ways. Keine schöne Vorstellung, die wir gewiss nicht in der Hauptrolle vor laufender Kamera erleben wollen würden … Cupid has a big surprise for mum-of-two Emma. Recruitment consultant Jack returns for a second first date at the restaurant, this time with hairdresser Shauna. And science technician Ian has never been on a date; can he find a spark with shy nursery nurse Stacie? Ann-Marie visits the First Dates restaurant on her 50th birthday. Flirtation turns to faux pas as the drinks flow on songwriter Kristina's date with photographer Nicola. There have been marriages and even babies resulting from the blind dates. Jamie, a plumber, who hasn't had a girlfriend for years, meets Leigh, who's looking for a guy who's good with his hands. Danielle is 18 and tired of boys asking to take her for a drive. First Dates Das Experiment startet. Fiona bonds with her date over shared life experiences. Alasdair and Lee bond over their love of the pop parade. Will historical re-enactor Rory's knowledge of Viking beards impress cross-stitcher Maddie? And is Ben the nice guy Leora's looking for? Jessica seeks a James Corden doppelgänger. Denn das erste Date geht noch in die Verlängerung, wie auch bei TV Now zu sehen ist. After what feels like forever, First Dates is back on our screens and as if it couldn't get any better - it's a festive special. Can weightlifter Lucy strike gold with Caroline? "First Dates" is executive produced by Ellen DeGeneres and Jeff Kleeman for A Very Good Production, Pam Healey and John Hesling for Shed Media, and Tim Carter for Twenty Twenty. Updates in 2020. Can former ballroom dancer David, who describes himself as 'The Don of the Friendzone', sweep Zoe off her feet? Aaron from Texas moved to London 10 months ago and is still figuring out how to charm British women. According to reports, the couple are still going strong after meeting on the show, lovely! And 'edgy librarian' lookalike Olivia is on her first ever date. The IRS e-file Open Date was scheduled for January 21, 2020. Taxpayers were also able to defer federal income tax payments due on April 15, 2020, to July 15, 2020, without penalties and interest, regardless of the amount owed. Model Tahiry, who's 23, struggles with stage fright and seeks a man who can calm her nerves. Eve Edwards. Family life's on the agenda for mum Verona, who meets fireman Paul, and dad Patrick, who meets German-born Thomas. How does New Yorker Bryan react when art dealer Simon says his ideal man would have a more toned physique? And do chat-up lines work in modern dating? Elaine's looking for a twinkle-toed gentleman. Self-confessed 'player' Geo wants a steady relationship. And a steamy first kiss is on the cards. Will Ryan's unique chat-up lines laugh aspiring embalmer Kerry into bed? Janet, who's 71, and George, who's 87, both crave bedtime antics. We can't get enough of watching the blossoming romances (and occasional disasters) made by the singletons meeting for the very first time. Raymon's 90. Richard is venturing into online dating three years after losing his wife. Can dancing accountant Robert sweep French aristocrat Gladys off her feet? Rajan's back for another date. Nathania's writing a dissertation about marriage as a form of punishment in fairy tales, but will songwriter Dan - who hasn't had a girlfriend since he left school - be her Prince Charming? Stu lost his sight 13 years ago; he hopes to meet a feisty redhead. Can meat-loving teacher Marie control her sledgehammer wit when she finds out that her date, Davin, is a vegan? His date, Nicole, is used to men dropping at her feet. Former reality TV star Aisleyne is looking for a man with 'the heart of the Dalai Lama, the personality of Russell Brand and the body of Rocky'. Charlotte, who's 24, is bravely returning to the dating scene a year after she was tragically widowed. Will his flowers and champagne impress Heather? Comedian Vince, who usually only gets a Valentine's card from his mum, meets Brigette Bardot lookalike Anna. The First Dates restaurant throws open its doors to single people looking for love Dog walker Scearcia has a steamy date with Aurita. Can metrosexual Jon find headstrong Mancunian Regan's soft side? Während unser Hormonspiegel Achterbahn fährt, versuchen wir die innere Unruhe zu verschleiern. And can brickie turned model Frankie charm glamorous PA Rosie? Chi-Chi and her son Curtis both have dates; can she resist interfering in his date with Jaleesa? Luxury car seller Sam likes his women 'fast and topless'. Can Fred's advice turn Disney superfan James into bra-fitter Jess's Prince Charming? Will Michael's cheeky comment about carnival dancer Ruth's derrière hit a bum note? Model Georgia hits it off with hunky banker Alex. Meanwhile, 82-year-old 'Sauve Harv' meets lifelong singleton Dinah. Anthony is 31 and has a wild past. Is t'ai chi enthusiast John the yin to dominatrix Sherry's yang? Échale un vistazo a los últimos vídeos de First Dates y ve todas las citas al completo - Descubre los mejores momentos del programa en Cuatro Can Dr Nick cure GP Emma's dating dry patch? And will James from Hertfordshire get the seal of approval from Kate Middleton lookalike Jodie? Applications for First Dates 2020 - and for the younger among us, First Dates Teens - are OPEN. Mit First Dates Hotel geht heute eine neue Sendung an den Start, die schnell verspricht, nicht nur romantisch, sondern auch spannend zu werden. Speaking about finding love on the show and beginning a family together, Ibiba told the Mail of Sunday: "It's true that our meeting and the speed with which we've started a family is certainly far from traditional. Meanwhile, Greig is looking for a feisty man, but is John's brutal honesty a step too far? PR exec Claudia, who's 26, looks for a date who won't make her feel 'ick'. Daniel, who's 31, is on his first ever date, hoping to overcome his nervousness around women. And two sisters try double dating. Are self-proclaimed misfits Patrick and Angharad perfect for each other? Faliraki DJ Terry wants to tame his wild love life and settle down. PREMIUM | Mo 15.03.2021 20:15 Max and Esther bond over a shared love of words. And can Will's unusual flirting techniques impress Fayhe? Die Horror-Vorstellung aller: Was ist, wenn wir beide uns rein gar nichts zu sagen haben? Susie, a teaching assistant and burlesque performer meets Trekkie-fan Martin. First Dates – Ein Tisch für zwei – Informationen zur Sendung. Und sie hat es in sich! He worries about how dates will react when they learn about his condition. Visit a museum. Can Jayden hide his Don Juan ways from Isabel? Can Fred and co rustle up some love action on Valentine's for more hopeful singletons - from a wedding planner to an ex-politician and a West End actor who's looking for a first boyfriend? If you're tired of first-date clichés like dinners out, catching a movie, and/or hitting the bar, we get it—there's a lot else out there. Mandy and her ex-husband Stuart visit the restaurant together for dates with globetrotting Adam and divorcee Claire. According to research done on the best date ideas by the dating app Zoosk, after dinner and coffee, a walk was the third most popular date idea for women in their 30s, 50s, and 60s and ranked 4th among women in their 20s.. 2. Meanwhile, Fred lets Cici off work early to go on a date of her own. Could be, but you won't know for certain until you've taken the plunge and gone on your first date. Trendy Dennis and Chris wear matching trainers. And self-confessed cougar Marie returns. PREMIUM | Mo 15.03.2021 20:15. Stunning operations manager Yasmin is looking for Mr Nice Guy; dental practise manager Ryan has a perfect smile, but is he Mr Right? Student Leah's on her first ever date. Gym-bunny James arrives for his date with Mum in tow. Make-up artist and model Danni meets bar manager Aiden, the tallest man to ever enter the First Dates restaurant. Aryeh seeks a man who can handle his big personality. They've come from right across the country to face the most intense night of their lives. Check out some of the pairs from previous seasons who have lasted the test of time…. Will Tallulah's date with singer Teddy hit the high notes? Computer programmer Andrew has been single for over a decade. He meets ballroom dancing enthusiast Cecelia. Playboy Mostafa believes every girl would like to marry him. Er hat ein Date mit Janine, doch Olga sitzt direkt neben ihm. The restaurant opens its doors again. Lovebirds Dan and Adam met on the Channel Four show back in 2014 and instantly hit off, becoming a viewers favourite from the show. This pair might not immediately have hit it off on the show – but it just goes to show that first impressions aren't everything! Three daters return to the restaurant hoping to pull a cracker in time for Christmas, while some couples who had more luck first time round return too. And will James's love of 1D send Mark in the direction of the door? And DJ Tom is back. Schon jetzt steht fest, dass es eine zweite Staffel geben wird. First shown: 20 Jun 2013 Very strong language This programme is subtitled This programme is … Mark, who's been single for 10 years, meets Claire, who's never had a relationship. "And it is hardly ideal to do everything so fast. How will Lorna react when Charlie tells her he's looking for his perfect 'unicorn'? ", MORE: Everything you need to know about BBC's A Teacher. Art gallery administrator Grace meets Chuks, who was born with short arms. In this special episode for Stand Up To Cancer, some of the daters discover that they've been matched with celebrity singletons, from Jamie Laing to Jorgie Porter, Anthea Turner and Alexandra Burke. Self-confessed 'player' Geo returns for another shot at love, and he's upping his game. Helicopter pilot Paul, who's also a cross-dresser, embarks on his first ever date dressed in women's clothing. Self-confessed Jack the Lad Joey and fashion blogger Jodie have a chance encounter the night before their date. You only get one chance to make a first impression - and these couples are sharing it with the world. She meets professional story-teller Wilf. Does Steve have the right moves? Lothario Lewis intends to use a tried and tested plan to charm his date, Megan, until he's bowled over by her warmth and personality. Chloe 'flirts her way through life' and seeks a 'geezer' who can handle her. And does barber Chris smell good enough for dental nurse Debbie? Ladies' man Luke meets PR manager Sophie, but can she remember his name? Visual glazing enhancer (window cleaner) Daniel bonds with Margot Robbie lookalike Lora over nostril waxing and raving but is he over his ex? First Dates: Teilnehmer aus von NRW von DIESER Beichte schockiert First Dates: Kandidaten verstehen sich prächtig – doch DIESES Geständnis zerstört alles 13.02.2020 um 16:24 Uhr And Hugo returns; can trainee opera singer Olympia hit enough high notes to win him over? 2:31 min. Tattooed yoga lover Jack, vibrant 70-year-old fashion stylist Christine, Stetson-wearing Simon from Dallas and performance artist and poet Justin are among the diners looking for love in this episode. Occasional poet Frankie wants a relationship that fits her unique philosophy of romance. "First Dates" mittwochs um 20:15 Uhr! And she's met men with similar intentions all too often... Two previous daters return. Is glam 25-year-old Yasmin his match? Meanwhile, romcom fanatic Becky is looking for her very own Hugh Grant. Semi-pro footballer Reece worries that being 5' 4'' will stop him from scoring with Ria. And is David from Portugal the 'upbeat, fun Latino' of Devon housekeeper Luke's dreams? Featuring two lust-struck dancers, a feisty Scotsman, a crucial kiss, and a love of latex. And cheerleading coach Fayhe returns. Glamorous Emily and model Matt discuss aliens. Twice-divorced Jo commits a faux pas on her date with Dubliner Robbie. Will born adventurer Stephen run a mile when he finds out that Dina wants to start a family? Will self-confessed nerd Mark sweet talk archaeologist Sophie with tales of battle grounds and pyramids? Two diners decide to serenade their dates in this episode. : "Having [our son] Jude in our lives is the best, Dan's party days of jäger bombs and late nights are over. Colin was born with a birth defect that resulted in a missing leg. Pilot Antonia hopes to meet a man who wants to know the woman behind the uniform. Is there chemistry between brawny scientist Ashley and single parent Sonia? And opinionated heavy metal fan Dan returns to the restaurant. Series one favourite Rajan returns to the First Dates restaurant, hoping to be fourth time lucky. Kate and Liam have a lot in common, but how will she score their date's 'fun level'? Sparks fly between dancers Frankie and Muhala. December 23, 2020 - 21:12 GMT Emmy Griffiths After what feels like forever, First Dates is back on our screens and as if it couldn't get any better - it's a festive special. Series 14 officially launched on Thursday, February 20th, on Channel 4 at 10 pm. 'Alpha male' Josh is looking for his very own Kardashian. Will and Fran found love in the First Dates restaurants, She also confirmed to a fan that the pair were indeed moving in together following 2017's Christmas special. Can retired policeman Alistair hit the right notes with violinist Maggie? Initially an experiment in which real dates are filmed, and then viewers get the chance to apply to date the unsuccessful participants the following week. Across the restaurant, self-confessed nerd Sam just wants Daenerys from Game of Thrones. And will nervous Danny regret his five pre-date pints? Will she want to spend it with her date Carl? Nach ihrer Botschaft waren wir freudig überrascht! Fred's dad visits the restaurant. In this special Valentine's episode, Mayfair-based Miki is looking for a man to treat her like a princess.

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