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Elijah systematically hunted down the poachers. The Vampire Diaries Blanket Fleece Ultra-Soft and Warm Winter Throw Leisure Outdoor Blankets for Living Room Bed Couch (Vampire 5, 50"X40") 4.2 out of 5 stars 12. They trapped Marcel in the same dungeon he had kept Klaus in for five years. The next day at the compound Klaus gives Elijah some advice. Elijah and Antoinette gather the Nightwalkers to be slaughtered. Elijah is quick to defend them saying that Klaus has never demonstrated any kind of concern towards Hayley or the baby other than his own selfish desires, imitating his words "Every king needs an heir". With Nina Dobrev, Paul Wesley, Ian Somerhalder, Kat Graham. Elijah is noted for his ability to control his more violent urges, and rarely ever so much allows his face to show its vampiric features. Lucien taught them manners so they wouldn't be caught when presented to Count de Martel. His hands trembling, Elijah was unable to pull the trigger. When Elijah and Hayley are inside the shack, Elijah tells her maybe he was too quick to condemn Klaus as they have all committed numerous terrible acts over the centuries. Do All Malivore Monsters Provide This Level of Emotional Insight? You not only violated my privacy, You have broken my promise to her." However, it failed to and Finn died after finally beginning to see the love and loyalty the family had. He tells Rebekah that Freya plans on using Hope as bait. He is told by Marcel that Klaus has a spell put on him and realizes Genevieve is to blame. After first refusing Genevieve's help, he lets her. However, they soon discovered that Lucien was setting his sights on the daggered Rebekah to draw Klaus out. He was grateful for Elijah compelling him to be him for a century, since Tristan learned how not to be Elijah. He tore her throat out before dropping her into the pool of water. When Rebekah arrives at the compound Rebekah tells Elijah and Klaus that Eva is trying to resurface. One night, Finn told his siblings that word had spread among the villagers of their presence. Hayley then approaches him and kisses him passionately. Elijah and the others gave a few last words for Finn before throwing his ashes into the Mississippi River. Marcel spitefully told them that they betrayed him, and that he was a fool for being part of their family. He then tells his sister he's almost out of time to get the girl to which Rebekah responds to get the girl before it's too late and Elijah swears to her he'll not let anything happen to the girl or her child. So if she uses her magic. Marcel chastised Elijah for coming back to New Orleans even after he barely managed to survive his bite. Davina agrees to the terms, but asks him why he's still trying to protect Klaus after what he did to him. Elijah obeyed Mary's wishes and stayed outside. However, Klaus and Marcel were trapped by The Hollow and Elijah was unable to break through the barrier they were within. In the series finale, Elijah chose to die once again alongside Klaus when his brother sacrificed himself to destroy the Hollow once and for all. In When The Saints Go Marching In, Elijah told Klaus to put the stake down. Elijah said that he will take Alaric's stake and run from him until Elena dies from old age, like Klaus and Rebekah ran from their father for 1000 years. Soon after, The Strix arrived to rescue their captive leader. Elijah then asks the Salvatores to leave as it's their family business. He's challenging the gentry to duels as though they have any chance of a fair fight. After Elijah woke up again he rushed to The Opera House and saw Mikael at the stage, as he was feeding from Marcel, Elijah urged his siblings to flee the scene. Vampire Diaries centered around Elena Gilbert, a normal human girl who was sucked into a dark world when she ran into Stefan Salvatore. Josephine tells him Eva is an evil witch who kills children witches for their powers. It is unclear whether their relationship will have a future. Vincent asks if Elijah even remembers how it was to be human, which Elijah responds as no. She tells Elijah they should make the best of the time they get to spend together. Eve is standing near the hut. Elijah went to Davina and gave her the first of the pages she was to receive from his mother's book and promised her if she could complete the spell, she would receive another page of her choosing. Rebekah and Freya enter the room, as Elijah begins to cry. In Rebirth, Hayley kills Francesca as a reaction for almost killing her baby. The brothers head outside the courtyard when Marcel approaches them, saying to Elijah he preferred him inside the box although he hands Sabine over to them, granting them one locator spell to find Hayley. Elijah swore that if Marcel continued to get in the way of his little brother's redemption, he would deliver on him another kind of nightmare. Family Members Later, after Mary gave Hayley her husband's journal, she showed Elijah and they discovered he was connected to the Hollow, possibly confirming that the Hollow may have forced him to kill Hayley's parents. In I Love You, Goodbye, it's the day of Hayley and Jackson's wedding day. If they don't get a seat at the table she guarantees them they will all regret it. In Don't It Just Break Your Heart, Elijah told Antoinette how much he enjoyed the feeling of sundown without a daylight ring, and how liberating it was. Elijah searches through his own belongings with Kol. In Out of the Easy, Elijah had Freya try to find Rebekah while telling Marcel to focus on stopping Davina from activating The Strix's weapon. Overwhelmed, they only survived thanks to Freya's boundary spell, preventing Lucien from continuing his assault. Elijah then ends the conversation with saying he thinks his brother's in trouble, when the witches are brave enough to bring an Original back into town and he wants to know why. In Long Way Back From Hell, Elijah interrupts Sophie's consecration and is shocked of her recent death. The two fought and Klaus broke Elijah's neck and tossed him aside. Elijah wanted to pursue Marcel so he could find out who he really was. Until my last breath". A while after that the five Mikaelsons settled in Tuscany, Italy. Klaus tells him that if the table is the obstacle he should simply remove the table. Utterly distraught by his own guilt, Elijah decided that he was going to leave New Orleans, not being able to forgive himself, and not expecting his family to be able to forgive him. Before they had learned compulsion to help cover their tracks, Elijah made sure that they always disposed of the bodies they fed on and killed whoever knew the truth about them. In Farewell to Storyville, the three siblings are seen at the Lafayette Cemetery at night and they've all shown their fangs, Elijah tells his sister to leave them both and she sees that he has brought the White Oak Stake, Klaus says he brought for her. In Where Nothing Stays Buried, Elijah was met by requests from Kol and Marcel to help bring Davina back since Kol was forced to kill her by the Ancestors. Despite being a recurring character in Season 2 and Season 3, Elijah had more screen time than any regular in the episodes, Elijah has met/interacted with every one of the main characters except for. Elijah goes to The Bayou. Elena tells Elijah that Klaus is now in Mystic Falls and has taken over Alaric's body. With a portion of the Hollow in each of them, the siblings were forced to stay away from each other, since the dark magic inside them would grow in strength the closer they were. The brothers explained that they had a civil conversation about the past and Elijah informed Klaus of Tristan and Lucien's secret alliance. Elijah takes a revolver and shoots Klaus, who groans in pain. Klaus considered to kill him but Elijah meant that negotiation is their best recourse, as Elijah knows how fast news can travel, but also the very horrors of war itself. He takes Hayley with him to where Thierry told them she was and they found Rebekah laying in a circle spell, which they could not enter. Davina and Mikael fled while Elijah told Klaus of his father's return. March 25, 2010 (Rose) They all sat down for dinner and Elijah listened while the sired vampires explained their concern for their own safety and their plan to lock the Mikaelsons away to protect their sirelines from destruction. In An Old Friend Calls, Elijah listened to Klaus' nervousness that the members of his now severed sireline would come for him for revenge but Elijah told him to take solace that they had destroyed all of the white oak so his enemy's wouldn't be able to do any permanent damage, but even Elijah wasn't so sure of his own words. He hastily ripped out the hearts of some of the onlookers before snapping Agnes' neck, telling her that he kept his promise that he wouldn't let his brother harm her, he didn't promise that he wouldn't, and told her. Upon seeing her, Elijah greets her by introducing himself as "Elijah Smith" and as an author who was investigating small towns in Virginia. Elijah explained that he'd always desired Klaus's redemption, ever since their lives were stolen by Esther and Mikael when they'd been turned into vampires and declared that he was taking their lives back. They both agree that they won't stop looking for him until they've found him. Elijah reminded her that they were at war with a creature they barely understood and extreme measures had to be taken. Elijah did his best to fight them off, through extracting hearts and decapitating the members of his sireline. Klaus in a foul mood questions this, only for Elijah to sarcastically state that Klaus process of grief was far better, denial, rage, and hoarding coffins in basements. In return for his help, he asks to be apologized to. He shivers and groans in pain, and explains to Hayley she has to leave and that his mind is flooded with torturous memories. Elijah enters the house as Klaus is about to dagger Rebekah, he stops his brother. Elijah says that if Klaus won't do anything he will. Elijah and Klaus later find Sabine and demand to know where Agnes is. She apologizes and they almost kiss but Elijah turns his head away. Antoinette explained he had stalked her before, sometimes even brought her back to her family. This encompasses knowledge of how to fight, wield a sword and defend himself. It doesn't work. But she is leaving with Jackson and Hope and wont be back anytime soon. Elijah, Finn, and even Matt tried to take Lucien down but he easily overpowered all three of them. He opened the curtains and let the sun set him on fire, saying goodbye to Elijah Mikaelson and burning what was left of his past away. Mikael and Elijah watch as Niklaus turned into a Hybrid. Freya channeled Elijah to draw Davina's spirit into a protective circle. Klaus and Elijah are in the cemetery, still trying to find the baby, they are walking through the maze illusion in the cemetery, using a stone like a piece of chalk in order to mark the tombs that they pass. Monique then appears, now convinced that Celeste was no friend to the witches, points Elijah to Celeste's new body. This hurt Elijah, and says to Hayley. The family tried to figure out how to survive but things looked bleak, knowing that Marcel's bite was just as deadly as Lucien's had been to Finn and Camille. She declared whoever held the charter at midnight would be declared the new leader of The Strix. Elijah is having a drink at a bar when Francesca Guerrera walks in. Elijah then tells him it isn't always easy to love him, Klaus then tells him, he and Rebekah are welcome to join him as it is their family home. They need to trust her because she is family. Vincent coldly told him that he had no virtue and was a soulless infection to anyone around him, saddened that Hope had to be raised in a family he was part of. He is willing to let Rebekah kill Elena, to use her to get Stefan and Damon to help him stop his mother, before their mother can kill them. It heightened her aggression and she lashed out at Elijah with fury. Hayley addresses his absence and all the trouble that has happened since. I'm sorry". Klaus however thinks the treaty will fail. Elijah hallucinates and doesn't realize he's harming Hayley. However, due to his hunger and instinctive need for human blood, he quickly discovered that he was a vampire. Lucien captured Klaus and used him as leverage against Elijah, wanting to exchange Klaus for Tristan, or at the very least, Elijah's life so Tristan could be put out of his misery as a favor to Aurora. During the party, Klaus gave a toast to the party-goers, revealing that he knew of betrayal planned by their brother Kol, who had been conspiring with witches against him. Elijah agrees only to satisfy the peace treaty. Elijah waited for Rebekah at her house and he handed the cure and asked if she truly wanted it, she took it and thanked her brother. After the Hollow left Elijah to be guarded by some of her followers, Elijah's guards were killed by Hayley and Freya. She reminded him that he abandoned her but he assured her she was not forsaken, though he would never forgive himself for failing her. In 1492, they met a woman named Katerina Petrova, the first doppelgänger of Tatia. Elijah then attacks Dahlia she uses her magic to throw him across the room. Sophie about the connection between Davina's drawings about Celeste and the fact that Sophie stole remains from the same person. He is shocked to see Elena and smells her, confirming that she is Human. Klaus then came and interrupted, taking Katerina with him and away from Elijah. Elijah rolled up his cuffs and welcomed her to try and get it from him. He says "Katerina". Elijah Mikaelson The Strix all converged on Lucien at once but even that wasn't enough. When Esther comes back to life Elijah uses The Cursed Shackles on her. Elijah attempted to track down Katerina, but failed. The Mikaelsons then took Tristan captive as leverage against Aurora but she struck back by kidnapping Camille. Freya then had she and Elijah contact Rebekah through astral projection to find that she had returned to her original body. Elijah then appears after being staked. Brown Elijah's soul was fractured but still preserved in the pendant, nearly impossible to make contact with. Freya and him talk. No matter how many times they betray each other, they always forgive each other about it even if it should be unforgivable. She explained that she had met him before, decades ago, in the thirties, and didn't tell him because their families were enemies. While Freya tried to break the magical barrier around Klaus, Elijah kept watch, eventually going up to the compound to try and hold off Marcel while they broke Klaus free. So she can't save Mikael and use her magic. Klaus showed his brother that they had managed to capture Finn and Kol. Klaus thanked his family again for not abandoning him to rot before they all proceeded to enter the house. In the meantime, Elijah wishes Rebekah and Niklaus to look after Hayley and her unborn baby. If Dahlia goes anywhere near the paintings she will be mortal. The Vampire Diaries, an American supernatural drama, was officially renewed by The CW for a full 22-episode season on February 16, 2010. Elijah asks her if she has any ideas how rare love is and tells her in his 1000 years life he' only found it twice and each time he has honored it. Elijah then meets with Damon and says to him that he left a note for him. Freya tells them she is happy to finally meet her siblings. Elijah tracked them down to find Aya, and immediately threatened her, questioning why The Strix were in New Orleans. Elijah meets with Clara Summerlin who's been possessed by Céleste Dubois. Jonas assumes that Elijah killed him but Elijah says he spared Damon because he knew Damon would die before letting anything happen to Elena. Klaus, not wanting to hear some newly discovered secret, brushed him off saying it could wait. He burns the rings and tells Klaus he needs to go grieve with Hayley. Played by His first appearance is in 19th episode of the second season of The CW television series, The Vampire Diaries and the 41st episode of the series overall. Elijah asks him of how he has control of the magic in the French Quarter, Marcel tells him it's his business. Elijah promised him that he would find her and Klaus responded with a promise of his own; if he did not find Katerina, he would be killed. A door appeared containing a lock for each of them. Unfortunately, their relationship becomes worse than ever, when Elijah daggered Klaus and allowed Hayley to try and take Hope away from him, in retaliation Klaus kills his girlfriend Gia, and daggered him with Papa Tunde's Blade, their relationship becomes estranged/broken after this, as they both want nothing to do with each other any more. When he wakes up, he mistakes her for Katherine at first and asks, "Katerina?" The spell was going to kill the unborn child inside Hayley by raising her body temperature. Elijah was later on restored to his body. Biographical information Elena promises to tell him what Esther says. As a human, he wore more simplistic clothing, along with the other males in his family. Elijah asks him if he is a people's person, Elijah then tells Klaus he will go to pay his respect to Celeste as Sophie starts to take her power from her bones. They managed to wake Klaus up but Davina finished the spell on him, breaking his sireline. The two then realized they were being followed. Elijah and Elena explain their deal to Stefan and Damon. In By the Light of the Moon, Elijah meets with Jenna Sommers, who is Elena's aunt, and was then invited to her house. And Elijah says "What exactly do you want from me". Elijah demanded Marcel hand over the bone but Marcel resisted, wanting Elijah to trust him but Elijah threatened him with the knife that Freya had made. Klaus says that what they need is focus and Elijah tells him that his only focus right now is the baby and her safety, he got furious again with Klaus and tells him that all is the world that he created, Klaus tries to speak but Elijah interrupts him, Elijah tells him that all of his scheming, the enemies that he have made every single day, Elijah asks to Klaus what did he expect, that the mother would be alive to know her daughter, that they could live and thrive as some sort of family, Klaus tells that that was Elijah's fantasy, not of him. He is seen accompanying Hayley to the memorial to keep up the act that Hope is dead. After Klaus fed on her. They found Alaric on the road, discovering that he had been attacked by the Hollow. He wants revenge for Elijah daggering him. Not wanting to take a chance on the elixir, Damon feeds Elena his blood which would turn her into a vampire so she wouldn't need the elixir to bring her back to life. Elena tells everyone that they should understand why she is willing to do it. He then went to France and became a piano player, where Klaus saw him from across the bar he was playing at. Elijah went to the church where Vincent was warning the witches about The Hollow and Elijah interrupted the meeting to propose an alliance between he and Vincent to exterminate The Hollow. Klaus then tells Elijah to tell Sophie that they have a deal. Finn, in a new witch body and returned from the dead, sat down with them and began questioning them on why he was so badly treated in his centuries of life. Elijah and Elena talking about the sun and moon curse. Surprised Marcel agreed to the terms, Elijah and the others left New Orleans behind, traveling to Hayley's house. Hayley and Caroline (enemies) Rebekah and Hayley (allies/friends) Hayley and Sophie (allies) Appearances. And they discuss what they did wrong. Due to his long existence, Elijah has seen countless battles and is very experienced in battle. He wants her to leave to protect her from Klaus and Dahlia. Later in the party there is a confrontation between Oliver and Diego, Elijah stops Oliver threatening its life and Jackson stops Diego holding a dagger pointing his heart, Hayley comes in the stairs and tells Elijah to kill Oliver, she gives a speech about how all they have hurt each other, and killing each other would put an end to war, Elijah understood her point and stops his attack on Oliver, Jackson does the same, suggesting that all together will make the peace treaty. She then tells them that Klaus and Mikael will be her next victims. When Klaus voices out that Elijah may have a long list of demands before handing it over, Elijah tells him "Not that long.". It originally aired on April 21, 2011. Elijah was initially angry that she had lied to him but she explained that she didn't want him to hate her. Klaus told him that Hope was dying from the power within her, stopping Elijah but he responded that he was the last person Hope wanted to be there, so could be of no help to her. Though initially telling Finn that it was his own fault for being a threat to their family's very existence, he began to understand Finn's pain. At the Mikaelson's Ball, Elijah intercepts Elena when she is about to talk to Esther and tells Elena that Esther's ability to forgive Klaus is weird after everything he's done to her and the rest of the family. She pleads in French to Elijah to show her mercy, he stabs her with Papa Tunde's blade and says in French "Désolé." Elijah is very knowledgeable and deceptive in many ways. And one day Elijah saw Katerina bored, he took her outside to have fun and then they sat at a bench and talked about love. Concerned that his brother would use it on himself to free himself from being a vampire, Elijah tried to talk Finn down from doing anything rash. Elijah then takes charge of the operation to put an end to the war between the witches and vampires. As she tells Elijah and Klaus more about Dahlia. More worried than ever. Elijah defended his actions by asking what he was supposed to do at the time, since Aurora was the sister of a powerful lunatic and father had been in pursuit. He didn't want to say goodbye and Elijah agreed, pulling out the white oak stake and snapping it in half. Elijah announces the elixir is no longer needed and tells Damon that Elena will never forgive him and that will be a very long time once she is a vampire. Elijah was first introduced when two vampires named Rose and Trevor called a person on Elijah's inner circle in the hope that he would come to meet them and pardon them because they were tired of constantly running from the Originals. Suddenly, Elijah was impaled through the back by a large piece of wood. Elijah had to abandon The Strix to save his family from Mikael but asked Aya to come with him. However, she was upset when Elijah brought her to a group feed with other vampires he had discovered, explaining that because she was a nightwalker who preferred not to wear a daylight ring and didn't enjoy violently feeding like others, she was a pariah among other vampire groups. In the next couple of episodes Elijah tries to help Hayley through her transformation and how she grieves with losing her child. Elijah wants to use some Dark Objects. He acknowledged that he could have and turned to leave. They notice she has the White Oak Stake she then turns it into ash. However, while Mikael was hard on all his children, he was hardest on Niklaus, whom he saw as weak. Hayley then tells him that she is sorry and asks him why would he choose dead over living. He also has no tolerance for those that disrespect him. Elijah went on further to say that his secret of having killed Tatia haunted him, due to Klaus also having loved her and not knowing the truth. Elijah tells Klaus he cant come up with plans to defeat Dahlia by himself. Elijah, he threatens Stefan that if anything happens to Katherine he will descend upon Elena. She cries and walks out past him. She is very jealous. In the opening of Girl in New Orleans, Davina is seen pulling the dagger out of Elijah's chest, but shoving it back in the moment Marcel enters the room, demonstrating that she is still searching for a way to destroy the Original. She's angry as well for what Klaus did. However, Elijah stressed that the Serratura be recovered first as it proved to be an immediate and possibly crippling threat to them. In Gather Up the Killers, after spending five years asleep and linked to Klaus, Elijah was awoken after Hayley found the cure to Marcel's bite. Elijah reading his journals from his past. She lays her hand on him, and says "You're here". Esther regrets having to kill her children, most notably Elijah, commenting on how moral he is to his brother Finn. And she will needs a place of darkness to kill them. Before he leaves he tells Klaus that it was not his desire to bring him pain, but he will not let Klaus hurt her, tells him he'll stop whatever Sabine is planning and he intends to end it. In the year 1887, 52 years after being daggered by Klaus, Rebekah had finally been undaggered by him. Elijah tells her that he won't harm her or her family. However, Rebekah came up with a plan to speak to Marcel herself since she believed he wouldn't hurt her. Elijah told them that Mayor O'Connell was a little late but they should continue with business without him. Elijah's mother, told him to seal the event behind a "red door" and to clean himself up. She tells the guards he can't come in and tells her monsters suffer from hubris. Matt was surprised to see the Originals again but warned them to leave like all the other vampires he had driven out. In Pictures of You, Elijah, Rebekah and Klaus have a conversation about who deserves the cure more than the other. Elijah has memories of Celeste and Klaus while Hayley is taking care of him. In 500 Years of Solitude, when Katherine is dying in bed, Damon messes with her mind and creates hallucinations of Jenna Sommers, John Gilbert and then makes a hallucination of Elijah. Elijah is then in the morning seen preparing for the ball that night. Back home, Klaus paints in his enemy's blood and asks his brother how many rings are missing. Hayley says nothing and as Elijah is about to leave, Hayley says his name and he turns to her. Elijah worried that Rebekah might be involved by Klaus assured him that she was still in Chicago, with a young vampire, Stefan Salvatore.

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