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Hi Kasa, thank you for the post about OneLink !!. The set up is easy and you need few minutes. I’ve tried using a VPN but that just bungs up my computer and often stops me from even getting online. There only seems to be the option of linking my USA account with a single UK tracking ID. It will reflect under the ‘Redirected traffic’ section of the Link Type Performance report. I’ve been looking into Amazon Affiliate Marketing lately, anyone know if there is a way to localize referral links (ie. In which file exactly you put footer or you used plugin or your theme custom code option? Footer.php can be accessed within your site dashboard Appearance -> Editor. About second point, I chose 4 countries to link with OneLink, and in step 2 of OneLine page, I see one unique code to add at tobmy site ( thist should include the 4 countries), and don´t see options to remove one country and get a new code in step 2. It is hard to keep up with all changes and update accordingly but as many people have issues with setting up Amazon OneLink I will try to update the content soon. “Get the code” option was removed from setup. Can you explain on example? Q: What about the traffic my site(s) get from other countries? This post is from 2017, and while I did some updates to it over time, some information is outdated. I have two questions: 1-I am testing OneLink with a VPN (IP of Germany), and there is no way to redirect to to If you’re more technologically savvy, you can simply create your own redirect links for your domain manually with FTP. I have used Easy Azon Pro before but I prefer Astute Links as it does not affect the loading time of the blog. Hello KASA, I have a question about a simple topic. I tried with several international famous products and “close match” setting,(I suppose that its exist in Germany) and always show the products in If you don’t need the international links, you can just use the plain Amazon affiliate links if your audience is all in the US, or another specific country where Amazon has a store like the UK. E-Mail us at for access. Works for long url (Amazon….) as well as short URL ( Hi there, I am having the same problem. Unfortunately, I cant help you with this issue. 1- does the one link work on Youtube Hello, I signed up affiliate account ( I think this is U.S account. Main goal of the site is to provide reviews and opinions about online products especially WordPress themes and plugins. UK visitors to and us visitors to instead of sending everyone to the same country (e.g. As far as I know OneLink only works with links (or links that were built from and can only translate to seven of the 17 total Amazon storefronts. It would only count if Guiseppe is from the US and made a purchase using the Amazon US store. Old links should work without the need to recreate them. I have set up one link and linked my UK account, I’ve tested it with links but it still takes me to the US amazon. It just helped me to get this fixed. Easily cancel, with no obligations, any time during the trial. Now it all depends on WP theme you are using so sections could be different. But OneLink is not always accurate. I can’t see options of linking a new USA ID with a new UK ID. In this case, you can find it in wp-content -> themes -> yourthemename. However, some may question if oneTag script will slow down the site and add to the page size. Before the introduction of OneLink, Amazon Associates would either have to come up with their own geotargeting solution or buy a tool that can redirect users. All existing links should also be working. looking at that genius links, I think it not redirecting as the country changes. From which country are you? For more info regarding ReHub theme, check my posts where I mention best Amazon affiliate store builder WordPres themes. my question is when i’m testing all posts links with a vpn they take me to the default amazon country …. I did check the link in Genius as well but they also don’t seem to redirect this. Thanks for this, what do you think of easyazon plugin is there any difference if I use easyazon compared to this new one amazon one click? This is why you need to use a child theme if you don’t already. If you don’t use WordPress, you can still follow the steps mentioned below. Hi! In my opinion, this feature should have been released a long time ago. I signed up for UK associate account via OneLink and the store ID got mapped automatically on my US account. This may be a huge bummer for people who oriented their entire affiliate links on site using third party shortening plugin or tool. You have the option to set ‘Close Product Match’ (default) or ‘Exact Product Match’ as your redirect preferences. 1. But if I am not mistaken they have their own geo-targeting addon. Correct. I work with (Spain) but I get traffic from the US so I created an affiliate account on Cloudways Review (2021) PROS & CONS – Managed Cloud Hosting For WordPress. Currently I have only for US traffic. Yes, that’s it … how can i avoid this problem. He also gets 12% of his overall traffic from the UK, 10% from Canada. I am not sure, but last time I checked that was not possible. It is well known that Amazon doesn’t like other third-party shortening services and highly recommends using its own link shortening tool (which is excellent by the way). However when I paste the link into a browser window it never redirects to the Canadian store (I am located in Canada as well). Thanks! However it doesn’t work when I create a short link with my track ID which I used to link to the UK account. I have few questions related to your article. If you don’t disregard most questions. Shops tend to run out of stock, or cease support, but this method is more time-proof in my experience. Be noted that when your theme gets updated the code will be removed. how to create the best link possible to promote your book or business. Amazon Marketing Strategy: How to Sell More Products and Books on Amazon, Amazon Marketing Services: How to Use Amazon Ads to Sell More Books and Products, How to Track Keywords for Amazon Books and Products, How to Become a Bestselling Author on Amazon Kindle course, Earn more Amazon affiliate commissions in other countries, Save your readers and customers time by giving them only one link to buy instead of dozens, Sell more books and products on Amazon by increasing your conversions (so you don’t lose sales when someone in Germany clicks your link to and then can’t figure out why they can’t buy it), Save yourself a boatload of time every time you want to promote a product on Amazon. Thank you for this informative guide. They said they will and I checked my site traffic after setup one link and it’s shows there some traffic from those country but my amazon Uk and Canada reports says no click. combines all Amazon Associate accounts, and creates one link so that if someone clicks that link, the link will figure out where that person is located and will apply the right associate account to it. It’s hard to find information regarding OneLink, especially as Amazon’s own “Integration Guide” and “FAQ” links just send you to a “No information found” page, so I do appreciate the article. Amazon has the feature to create one link which will help you to redirect the right audience to the right page. Amazon has changed its affiliate coding. Hai I am from india and I have created a usa amazon associates account along with UK,Canada,Germany,France,Spain and italy ( Germany to Italy accounts created after creating uk account as it asked. Yes, you are not the first person which has a problem regarding mentioned step 2. Hope that helps. I think you can use the same email. Tips on how to add Amazon affiliate links (or ads) to your WordPress site. second : in the store website i’m using woozone plugin and he integrate his own Geo localization for CA and UK. How do I see the earnings? Universal Amazon affiliate link. I haven’t managed to set it up yet as I can’t get an AWP account set up for some reason. Having to request payment at 2-6 different sites, in gift cards or by checks in 2-6 different currencies hardly seems to have been the right way to approach this. I am trying to add the code to Blogger but can’t find where to put it..any suggestions? Yes, you will get commission in that case. I have also tried that some time ago but never find that option in the Amazon Associates account. For the time, the link generator needs a paid subscription. It eanbled me get an extra $50 per month which is a plus. You can always contact support too—they’re really helpful! This solution currently works only for Recommendation and Search variants of Native Shopping Ads. If you use Amazon text links, you can now monetize international traffic coming to your website. Let’s understand this further with an example. Various link shortening services and WordPress plugins have emerged over time, looking to solve this problem. Up until now, affiliate links have only worked for the regional store it was generated for. 2. Login to your Draft2digital account, and you can do a … I’m new to affiliate links and have added the OneLink. It all essentially means the same thing in regards to the Amazon ecosystem: the ability to use a single Amazon affiliate link that will work seamlessly for all of the different Amazon storefronts and … Using 3rd party plugins or services makes the job a lot easier but also brings potential issues. I did the basic step and link my Tag ID of Spain with the Onlink tool. When clicked on tab, set of links are rendered in div i.e. In my experience, this gives more relevant results, than linking a particula product from a particula shop. When a UK visitor reading post clicks on the link for Samsung Galaxy S8, he will be redirected to showing Samsung Galaxy S8 with price in GBP if the exact same product is available on You are saying that the OneLink code is not shown to you? But finally, on July 3, 2017. I think the issue might be in compatibility with plugin. Glad to see this Amazon OneLink guide was of help to you. Amazon OneLink currently only works for the US, United Kingdom, Canada, Italy, France, Spain, Germany, and Japan Amazon associate accounts and can currently only be set up from your US associate account. Thanks for the article, I would like to know where exactly to put the onetag code on wordpress step by step, if you can put a video about it, it would be awesome. I have a question that I hope you can help me with and that is not too rudimentary. If so, what’s the point of GeniusLink? And copy it on Facebook page or group it shows instead of the reason why I am asking this question is all traffic goes to one store ( UK store ). So you set, for example, in VPN country as the US and click on your link. ... that will be sent to Bestazon for localization (useful if you use short links like bitly to hide your affiliate links). However, the drawback is that if other items are being purchased once redirected then you don’t earn that commission. With a global market, Amazon is great for affiliate marketers from any county. And, if you want to use your Amazon Associates account to generate an affiliate link for other countries, the process takes even more time just to earn a few extra cents for each sale! Is there a way to receive all payments in just one amazon account? Yes, I didn’t create or use any of the tags from my UK Account. I have set up the Onelink mapping with UK and Canada stores (verified both stores) but it does not redirect to either store. You can either set up the links manually (register and grab the affiliate id for each country) or use a 3rd party Amazon affiliate plugin/service for creating Amazon affiliate links. Question 1: I don’t see the 2nd option that tells “Get the code here”. Hi Kasa; You should be able to see all stats from one dashboard in Amazon. Your email address will not be published. Wise Debit Card Review PROS & CONS (2021) – What It Offers? I never used Tumblr but I doubt it will work. NICE CONTENT FOR AMAZON AFFILIATE NEW BEG…………………. The variations across markets will be completely different. Thank you for explaining. Required fields are marked *. My site started with a UK audience, so we opened an Amazon UK affiliate account. Some are amzn shortened links, many are the long version. Great post! I never heard or tried about Astute Links but if it works great for you, then keep doing it. You MUST have a universal Amazon link so you can: If you don’t have a universal link, that means you’re turning a simple book promotion or book launch or product promotion into a massive waste of time generating all the proper links for each Amazon store like these: …and more new Amazon stores in international countries are popping up every few months! Easy to set up. It seems to me you have set Exact Product Match preference. Listen to the interview with founder and creator Jesse Lakes where he shares even more juicy details on how to create the best link possible to promote your book or business. While testing, I found that reloading the Amazon script file helps to sort the issue. hence the links do not work. They are still considered as separate accounts. 3) You can by utilizing Amazon OneLink. 3: I dont understand what do you mean by that. Reason – they didn’t find any UK Store ID tags on my site and they could not determine the source of the traffic. Hello, I hav one query that when I register on Amazon’s all countries sites will my name or tax information be same or would be different for different countries account? please confirm once. Any suggestions? Stripe Plugin For WooCommerce – Why Choose Stripe Gateway? I need more info. I dont exactly understand how your links and why generated dynamically. Geniuslink is safe to use with the Amazon Associates program, and has been trusted by thousands of Amazon associates for years. Thanks Get HTML Code For This Product Link.” The code should look something like this: Secrets of the Six Figure Author: Mastering the Inner Game of Writing, Publishing and Marketing Books (Six-Figure Author Series Book 1)””. I have also done testing regarding close match and for me too not everytime is redirected to or (at least to search page as it should). I want to fully monetise my website. Option to use just one link for all Amazon locales without the need for third-party service, plugin, or tool. They got the product .com page with a possibility to ship internationally. Are you sure you have registered as an affiliate to affiliate program and set OneLink correctly for Germany? This JavaScript code goes through every link to detect Amazon links. Hi there, Amazon Affiliate Rules – 18 Mistakes You Might Be Doing That Could Get You Banned, How To Set Up Amazon OneLink? Thank You Kasa for the great review and tips… E.g. 2. Note: I recommend signing up for a free account at Geniuslink (formerly called GeoRiot) as it will allow you to get more analytics and data on who’s clicking on your links that you don’t get without the free account. But now you can see commissions for all locale accounts from same dashboard. If you choose the Close Product Match preference, your visitors will be redirected to, for example, or in case exact or similar product is found. Jr. VIP. Required fields are marked *. Back in 2017. there was an additional step where you had to copy and integrate oneTag code into the footer of your site. By signing up for Geniuslink and syncing the Amazon Link Engine to your Geniuslink account, you can also attach your Associates IDs to earn international affiliate commissions from your traffic. When I wrote the post originally, they had a free pricing tier but it looks like they’ve since changed that. Should I need to create multiple amazon affiliate account or just one country affiliate account is enough? I thought the plugin is supposed to look for similar LOCAL products. I suggest you also test links by yourself using VPN. But this is all gray area as it is not confirmed nor disconfirmed if Amazon approves that kind of service. So, if you are using OneLink do use tags from all your accounts otherwise they may close your account. Amazon OneLink is a tool in the Amazon Associate dashboard that allows you to link your different Amazon Associate accounts, providing geo-localized redirection from your affiliate website to a relevant Amazon product. Hi, I have a question? Is it still worth me paying for EasyAzone Pro Plugin as it makes it easy to add links from within my site. I have not used Blogger but I think you cant add One Link code there. The best way to check this is by using a VPN. I have been looking for a detailed article about OneLink and I finally found one. But it should work with short link (if created via Amazon shortlink service) and full link. The first step is to create an amazon affiliate account for all countries. Hey great article! As .ca account is also associates to U.S now. So here’s the solution: you can generate a universal Amazon link (or for iTunes and other online stores as well) AND you can include your affiliate tracking code, so you get credit for every sale in EVERY country. should I remove it and use amazons own link? The different ways in which you can use Amazon affiliate links in WordPress. Do you have a problem with WooZone Geo targeting or you also used Amazon Onelink with WooZone and now you experience issue? I have updated the article. Yes, you can use the link on social media too! Are there any ways to get this to work with OneLink in the way I wanted? This is an excellent way to test the difference between Exact match and Close match forwarding. Well if it is closed match it should at least always show search field with term already inputed and related products shown if there is no exact match. Janna says: Sep 20, 2018 at 6:04 pm. I don’t think I can add the new UK Store ID if the old, closed one isn’t removed from OneLink dashboard? In short, yes. You are doing it right.

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