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Some DJs were embarrassed but some were fascinated by the challenge of an abstract concept. To remain in international waters, the ship moved to a new, less-sheltered anchorage. The following day James Murphy, an investigator for the UK Office of the Official Solicitor, acting for the Department of Trade and Industry, joined colleagues and counterparts from the Netherlands Radio Regulatory Authority to execute an armed raid on the Ross Revenge in which equipment was damaged or confiscated. For the first years, advertising on the station was in demand. Tenders and boat owners were warned, and some were prosecuted for ferrying staff and provisions to the ship. The Mi Amigo returned to its Frinton-on-Sea anchorage with a redesigned antenna and a new 50 kW transmitter and attempted to resume broadcasting on 18 April, nominally on 259 metres to enable the same jingles as Radio Caroline North on 1169 kHz to be used, but actually 252 metres. "eventLabel": "ukrp"}); UK Free TV shows the coverage area for a radio transmitter as a coloured overlay (orange for FM, other colours for DAB) on the grey map. That autumn various tests, consisting of continuous music, were made on 259 metres. The tapes were picked up in Belgium at a bus stop, taken to a small sports plane and dropped in the sea close to the radio ship. Kennedy. Smaller FM operators complained that DAB wa… [7] O'Rahilly named the station after Caroline Kennedy, daughter of U.S. president John F. Sinds de kerstdagen zendt Radio Caroline, de vroegere Britse piratenzender die ook in Nederland geliefd was, weer uit via de middengolf. Two aerials and twin transmitters were used for about six weeks until the aerial mast failed. Radio Caroline's transmission output was almost 20 kW, achieved by linking two 10 kW Continental Electronics transmitters. "eventAction": "491 - Radio Caroline", The next day, Calvert visited Smedley's home in Saffron Walden, Essex, to demand the departure of the raiders and the return of vital transmitter parts. The only singer to stay overnight, she helped present programmes, make jingles, and close the station at night.[15]. Disc jockey Tony Allan developed a following, combining Loving Awareness with a professional style, humanity, knowledge of music and rich radio voice. In May 2017, Ofcom awarded the station a community licence to broadcast to Suffolk and north Essex on 648 kHz with a power of 1 kW. You should find this station on there too, if you’re in the transmission area. News service at peak hours. Caroline claimed boarding the ship and removal or destruction of equipment was piracy. In 1976, The Loving Awareness Band released their only album, Loving Awareness on More Love Records (ML001), a label set up by O'Rahilly. 128. Instantly find which radio frequencies from Radio Caroline you need in your neighborhood. (Gordon): For the moment from all of us, goodbye and God bless. Furthermore, it was stated that the pirates' use of wavelengths also broke international agreements. When Marine &c. Broadcasting Offences Act become law on 14 August 1967, Radio Caroline was renamed Radio Caroline International. Most of Radio Caroline's pop music programmes were targeted at housewives, and some later programming was aimed at children. Dit gebeurt vanaf dezelfde locatie en via dezelfde frequentie als tot enkele jaren geleden BBC World Service. An iconic reproduction of our original 1960's Radio Caroline Skull & Crossbones t-shirts, updated with the 648 kHz frequency. "eventLabel": "tunein"}); The Dutch Radio Caroline then changed its name to Radio Waddenzee (nl) for daytime Dutch and German language, and Radio Seagull for nighttime English language broadcasts, and now broadcasts on 1602 kHz every day and on the internet, presenting a progressive rock format. Another Belgian station, Radio Mi Amigo International, launched on 1 January 1974; it was run by Belgian businessman and Suzy Waffles owner Sylvain Tack. Using land-based studios leased in Kent[48] in the late 1990s, the station began broadcasting via satellites Astra 19.2°E and Eutelsat 28A, covering western Europe. Beide mannen vertellen over hun hobby. Radio Caroline is a British radio station founded in 1964 by Ronan O'Rahilly to circumvent the record companies' control of popular music broadcasting in the United Kingdom and the BBC's radio broadcasting monopoly. Radio Caroline North = 10kW (later 20kW). Following negotiations with the service provider, satellite transmissions ended at midnight on 30 September 2013. The Dutch offshore station Radio Veronica was on 1562 kHz and Radio Atlanta broadcast on 1493 kHz. Caroline returned on 9 March 1977 on 953 kHz, actually 315 metres but announced as 319. It was renamed Radio Caroline South and MV Mi Amigo remained off Frinton-on-Sea while MV Caroline broadcast as Radio Caroline North. Radio Caroline tried several frequencies, among them 963, 576, 585 (briefly), 558 (after Laser 558 closed) and later 819 kHz. The first was a Belgian station called Radio Atlantis, owned by Belgian businessman Adriaan van Landschoot. It began taking in water and the crew was rescued by lifeboat. Twee piraten uit Friesland. The Ross Revenge was salvaged and brought into harbour in Dover, ending 27 years of Radio Caroline's unlicensed offshore career. [citation needed]. On 2 July 1964, Radio Atlanta and Radio Caroline's companies, Project Atlanta and Planet Productions, announced the stations were to merge, with Crawford and O'Rahilly as joint managing directors. Many people, of a certain age, still associate Radio Caroline with the pop music of the 60s & 70s. Unhappy at the loss of advertising, Radio Mi Amigo terminated its contract with Caroline in November 1978 and broadcast from its own ship, the MV Magdalena later that year, but this was short-lived. In 1990 the UK government amended the 1967 anti-offshore law to allow the boarding and silencing of stations in international waters if their signals could be received in the UK, even if their vessels were foreign-registered and operated. Following the election, RNI resumed its original name but jamming continued under the newly-elected Conservative government. In the evenings, Radio Caroline transmitted Dutch and American religious evangelist broadcasters such as Johan Maasbach and Roy Masters on medium wave, and later on short wave, under the name Viewpoint 963/819, or World Mission Radio (WMR) on short wave. During mid-August 1989, authorities in several European countries carried out co-ordinated raids on houses, recording studios and offices believed to be used by Caroline. Radio Seagull became Radio Caroline on 23 February 1974, retaining the album format. After a successful application to Ofcom, Radio Caroline has been given the medium wave frequency of 648kHz - once used by the BBC World Service. On 5 November 1990, lack of fuel and supplies forced the station to stop transmitting. Just after midnight GMT on 20 March 1980, the Mi Amigo foundered in a storm after losing its anchor and drifting. In an earlier House of Commons debate (in June 1966), the government had claimed that the pirate ships were a danger because of radio frequency interference to emergency shipping channels, and to overseas radio stations and the pirates were paying no royalties to artists, composers or record companies. However, in October 1987 a massive storm hit southern England, causing deaths and severe damage. Radio Monique 963 Gold. Radio Caroline is a British radio station founded in 1964 by Ronan O'Rahilly and George Drummond [1] initially to circumvent the record companies' control of popular music broadcasting in the United Kingdom and the BBC's radio broadcasting monopoly. Release Calendar DVD & Blu-ray Releases Top Rated Movies Most Popular Movies Browse Movies by Genre Top Box Office Showtimes & Tickets Showtimes & Tickets In Theaters Coming Soon Coming Soon Movie News India Movie Spotlight. It commemorated the 40th anniversary of Radio Caroline and promoted the station's legal internet and satellite programmes. Reitze en zijn zoon Jelle zitten in deze aflevering voor de podcast microfoon. Broadcasting was in Dutch and English by day and in English at night, although for the first few months broadcasting finished at 10 p.m. On 19 January 1979, the aging ship took in water and a lifeboat was called to rescue the crew members. Round Midnight was confined to closedown on Radio Caroline North after The World Tomorrow. On 1 September, a small motor launch had difficulties in rough seas. Reitze is al tientallen jaren actief als piraat. Het eerste schip heette MV Fredericia. Two (Radio 270 and Radio London) of the remaining four UK-based offshore stations closed, but the two Caroline ships continued with their supply operation moved to Netherlands waters, where unlicensed ship-based broadcasting was not outlawed until 1974. On 1 January 2016, a second channel was launched called Caroline Flashback, playing pop music from the late 1950s to the early 1980s. ga("send", "event", { "eventCategory": "Listen", Radio Daytime programming was leased to a community radio service called Puketapu Radio on 756 kHz. Some DJs from the USA and Commonwealth countries, such as Graham Webb, Emperor Rosko, Steve Young, Keith Hampshire, Colin Nicol and Norman St John, were also heard. The supermarket chain Asda and English Heritage were among the backers. In Timaru, an NZBC station, originally 3XC, later 3ZC, broadcast as Radio Caroline until 1995. One would circle over the North Sea in international air space near the United Kingdom, while the other remained on standby. The Dutch government banned unlicensed offshore radio on 1 September 1974. Caroline also promoted O'Rahilly's concept of Loving Awareness (LA), a far-eastern philosophy of love and peace. During the 1990s, a series of short term RSLs (Restricted Service Licences) were operated until a satellite service with a full schedule launched across Europe from a studio in Maidstone, Kent. On Saturday, 28 March, it began regular broadcasting at noon on 1520 kHz (announced as 199 metres) with the opening conducted by Simon Dee. Some of these 28-day Restricted Service Licence (RSL) broadcasts took place from the Ross Revenge during the 1990s, with the ship anchored off Clacton, in London's Canary Wharf, Southend Pier and off the Isle of Sheppey in Kent. In November 1991, the ship lost its anchor in a storm and drifted on to the Goodwin Sands in the Channel. A Fruit of the Loom Super Premium black or white cotton t-shirt with screen-printed logo to front and plain back. 192 k Radio Caroline 319 Gold 19.00-07.00. However, Dutch Caroline failed to secure a high power AM frequency and the cable network service was discontinued because of lack of funds. In 1972, MV Mi Amigo was bought for her scrap value at auction by enthusiast Gerard van Dam, who intended to use her as a free radio museum. 15 August 1967 following passage of the Marine Offences Act, Broadcasting from various locations offshore to Western Europe. The two stations experimented with different frequencies. [4][59] On 11 November 2017, test transmissions commenced from an omni-directional mast (formerly used by the BBC World Service) at Orford Ness, Suffolk. Obviously, we hope to be back with you as soon as possible, but just for the moment we would like to say goodbye. However, the storm had weakened the mast, which collapsed in another storm later. [34] It had an antenna system radiating from a 300-foot (91 m) high mast, the tallest on any ship in the world. [29] Radio Caroline returned to the air on 15 April 1979. You’ll find Radio Caroline on DAB in the areas below. In May 2017, Ofcom awarded the station an AM band community licence to broadcast to Suffolk and north Essex;[4] full-time broadcasting, via a previously redundant BBC World Service transmitter mast at Orford Ness, commenced on 22 December 2017.[5]. They were towed to Amsterdam by a salvage company to secure unpaid bills for servicing by the Dutch tender company Wijsmuller Transport[6], Because of the rise of land-based pirate stations after the MOA became law (usually stations run from bedrooms or outdoor sheds with small wattage transmitters), at least two stations broadcast using the Caroline name, one based in Dublin. Radio Caroline allowed 1kW TX on 648 AM Radio Caroline will broadcast on the former BBC World Service medium wave frequency of 648 kHz, after being awarded a community radio licence for East Anglia. Officially, Radio Caroline was managed from offices in North America, with advertising from the US and Canada. You can listen to live online radio from Radio Caroline for free. With having excellence internet connection audience can enjoy and listen best prepared playlist and rocking music from anywhere of the earth at any place with Radio Caroline International Caroline Flashback provides an alternative service for loyal and new listeners, who want to hear tracks from this exciting era. However, according to Gerry Bishop's book Offshore Radio this transmitter was antiquated and failed to work. [2] Unlicensed by any government for most of its early life, it was a pirate radio station that never became illegal as such due to operating outside any national jurisdiction, although after the Marine Offences Act (1967) it became illegal for a British subject to associate with it. The Radio Caroline name was used to broadcast from international waters, using five different ships with three different owners, from 1964 to 1990, and via satellite from 1998 to 2013. In 1967, the UK Government enacted the Marine, &c., Broadcasting (Offences) Act 1967, outlawing advertising on or supplying an unlicensed offshore radio station from the UK. The band broke up in 1977; Watt-Roy and Charles played on Ian Dury's New Boots and Panties!! [57], From 31 March to 27 April 2014, a Caroline North tribute station, based on the Planet Lightship berthed in the Albert Dock complex on Liverpool's waterfront, broadcast locally on 87.7FM and on the internet. Syndicated shows from the US and recorded religious programmes were also broadcast.""+url,"radiofeeds","status=1");} TuneIn. Various: broadly according to era and frequency: 1960s : mainstream pop. What frequency is Radio Caroline on? Later, some programmes were pre-recorded on land and broadcast simultaneously from both ships. [51] Surveys in 2008 and 2010 showed a small percentage listened via Sky, and that satellite listening had dropped by 9% since 2008, while online listening had increased by around 40%. Whittingham was unable to leave on the tender when a storm arose. [50] This ended on 1 July 2011 after a failure to renegotiate costs with Sky and deciding not to pursue a Freesat EPG slot. www.Radio Caroline 319 .nl. Radio Caroline broadcasts music from the 1960s to contemporary, with an emphasis on album-oriented rock (AOR) and "new" music from "carefully selected albums". On 28 December, unpaid crew cut the Mi Amigo's generator fuel line and departed. A request to stop broadcasting on short wave 6.215 MHz was complied with, and after several hours the government ship returned to port. In December 1976, Radio Mi Amigo moved to 1562 kHz on the 50 kW transmitter, leaving Caroline on 1187 kHz 24 hours a day on the 10 kW. De precieze ingangsdatum is … ga("send", "event", { After a short test on 773 kHz in late 1975, in May 1976, Radio Caroline began a daytime service on 1562 kHz (192 m) using a 10 kW transmitter, while its overnight service continued to share the 50 kW transmitter with Radio Mi Amigo's daytime programming on 1187 kHz (253 metres, announced as 259). [61][62][63][64] The station, owned by St Peters Studio and Community Radio Limited, has not only licensed the name from Radio Caroline, but has also got technical support and programming from the station, who have their own community radio licences in the south, south east and in East Anglia on 648AM (with Radio Caroline also found on DAB in a number of British cities, plus DAB+ in Cambridge). Caroline broadcast regular apologies to Spectrum listeners but refused to vacate the channel. Around this time, O'Rahilly decided Caroline should adopt an album format similar to FM progressive rock stations in the US, an audience not catered for in Europe. Belgian courts sentenced Tack and some DJs to fines and jail in absentia, although the prison terms were later cancelled. [25] The station's offices and studios were in Brakel, Belgium, but moved to Castell-Platja d'Aro, Costa Brava, Spain in March 1975 after a raid by Belgian police. The last broadcast from the Mi Amigo was by Stevie Gordon and Tom Anderson:[31]. Radio Caroline was begun by Irish musician manager and businessman Ronan O'Rahilly, after he failed to obtain airplay on Radio Luxembourg for Georgie Fame's records because the station was committed to sponsored programmes promoting major record labels: EMI, Decca, Pye and Philips. (i) 963 kHz : unformatted free-choice album format, with news. The two stations were able to cover most of the British Isles. In 2018, the new manager of Radio Caroline, Peter Moore successfully applied for a full-time AM broadcast license. At our website you can listen to Radio Caroline online. Radio Caroline's founder, Ronan O'Rahilly, was diagnosed with vascular dementia in 2013; his death aged 79 on 20 April 2020 was announced by Radio Caroline. For several months only one transmitter could be used, leading to the loss of the income-generating Radio Monique, although a substitute Dutch daytime service, Radio 558 (later Radio 819), was eventually established. The new station introduced British audiences to slick American-style top 40 radio with electronic jingles produced by Dallas-based PAMS, and was an immediate success. Radio Caroline Flashback - Many people, of a certain age, still associate Radio Caroline with the pop music of the 60s and 70s. [6] Because of the Christmas holidays, no solicitors were available to issue a writ and the ship lay in Amsterdam harbour until O'Rahilly arranged for it to be towed back to sea. On 24 March 1970, a radio ship named Mebo II anchored off the east coast of England during the UK general election campaign, broadcasting as Radio North Sea International (RNI). "eventLabel": "radiofeeds"}); The crew was rescued by a RAF helicopter. The first record played was Fool (If You Think It's Over), by Chris Rea, dedicated to the British Home Office. Eventually, Caroline left 558 kHz and moved to 819 kHz. Radio Caroline on DAB in London. Throughout most of the 1970s, Radio Caroline could be heard only at night, calling itself "Europe's first and only album station". 19K likes. When Radio Monique hired the main transmitter, spare parts were taken from a fourth transmitter to convert the 5 kW into a 10 kW unit, the RCA 5 and 10 kW transmitters having similar designs. Radio Caroline was begun by Irish musician manager and businessman Ronan O'Rahilly, after he failed to obtain airplay on Radio Luxembourg for Georgie Fame's records because the station was committed to sponsored programmes promoting major record labels: EMI, Decca, Pye and Philips. Doelgroep zijn 45-plussers uit Suffolk en het noorden van Essex. In July Caroline moved to the adjacent channel, 962 kHz (312 metres but still called 319) and reception in the UK improved. De testuitzendingen hiervoor zijn in november gestart. European medium wave channels had been reallocated to multiples of nine. Having to manoeuvre the lifeboat alongside the stricken vessel 13 times in high seas and a north-easterly gale earned Coxswain Charles Bowry an RNLI Silver Medal. [16], On 20 June 1966, Smedley boarded the Shivering Sands Fort with 10 workmen to repossess a transmitter that he had supplied, but had not been paid for. It left Spain, with an incomplete studio, to avoid legal entanglements. Between 31 January and 1 May, Radio Caroline South broadcast from the vessel Cheeta II, owned by Britt Wadner of Swedish offshore station Radio Syd, which was off the air because of pack ice in the Baltic Sea. Although most broadcasting staff left at that time, some remained for a year as caretakers while funding and equipment were sought. I think so. The 10 kW transmitters could run on the Henschel generator beside the two main MAN units and also a Cummins unit on the aft deck behind the wheelhouse.[28]. The station had some success but stopped broadcasting due to lack of funding. These broadcasts took place between 1970 and 1973.[19]. In 2002, Caroline began on WorldSpace satellite radio, continuing until Worldspace went bankrupt and re-organised its operations in 2008. The new tuning information is 11.390 GHz Vertical, symbol rate 27500, FEC 2/3. [citation needed], When the US-backed Radio London arrived off the coast of England, there was an unsuccessful attempt to merge its sales operation with that of Caroline before Radio London started transmissions. Since Radio Caroline could not find enough advertising, it shared its nominal 259-metre wavelength (actually 1187 kHz or 253 metres) with Dutch-language pop stations. Apps: we may also list official apps to help you tune in on Radio Caroline’s page. 1980s: Radio Caroline will broadcast on the former BBC World Service medium wave frequency of 648 kHz, after being awarded a community radio licence for East Anglia. They were pop and Europop aimed at the mainstream Dutch audience. [24], Between 11 and 20 April 1973, the ship broadcast for Radio Veronica while its ship, the Norderney, was aground. The only broadcast staff on board were Tom Lodge and Jerry Leighton. In 2011 Radio Caroline joined Radioplayer UK, an internet service formed by the BBC, Global Radio and the Guardian Media Group that supplies a live feed of UK radio stations to across the world.[54]. Onze Radio Caroline 319 Gold radio player is geschikt gemaakt voor alle browsers, mede dankzij html5 heb je geen flash nodig om radio te luisteren. RNI operated on medium wave, short wave and FM. Here they produced programmes for Dutch-speaking holidaymakers, mostly Europop, Top 40, MOR and Dutch language popular music presented by Belgian, Dutch and occasionally English DJs with frequent commercials. Brouwer intended to obtain an AM frequency from the Netherlands authorities in 2003 when its medium wave frequencies were reallocated. In the evenings on 963, some alternative music programmes were tried, including the reggae "Jamming 963", and in 1986 and early 1987, a progressive and indie rock programme called Caroline Overdrive hosted by Tom Anderson, Fergie McNeal, Andy Johnson, Stevie Lane, Mark Matthews, Kevin Turner, Peter Phillips, Mick Williams (a.k.a. Caroline caused more interference to Spectrum than vice versa. The ship was further delayed by hull damage, and repaired before writs could be issued.

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