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Doch dann kommt Oliver Queen an die Schule und das Blatt wendet sich - aber nicht lange, denn das Schicksal stellt Barry und Oliver vor weitere Prüfungen... Series. As she left the club with Roy, Nyssa confronted them and hit Roy with a tranquilizer dart when he tried to protect Thea. Sin asked Thea if she is really going to let this go, which Thea refused, stating that she is doing things her way. To see other versions of this character, click the Earth name below for that Earth's counterpart of Thea Queen. Thea and Oliver discuss Malcolm, Moira, and their past. One of the Ghosts pinned her down, but Diggle saved her before Black Canary blew up the truck wheels. At her loft, Thea bought in an enormous Christmas tree, justifying to Oliver that the smaller the family, the bigger the tree. She eventually became the new owner of Verdant. Thea caught up with Machin in the forest and used a trick arrow to tie him to a tree. The following morning, Thea found herself alone in bed. Thea was especially close to Robert, thinking the world of him.When Thea was four years old, she found a stray cat and brought it home. [36] Holland left the series in 2018 after her contract expired, her final appearance being "The Thanatos Guild". Thea later became a vigilante and member of Team Arrow, using her brother's childhood nickname for her, Speedy, as her codename. After they escaped, Oliver eventually revealed to Thea that she was drugged by Malcolm into killing Sara. Oliver, Malcolm, Diggle, and Felicity decided to bring Thea to Nanda Parbat, where she would be resurrected and healed by the Lazarus Pit in exchange for Oliver accepting Ra's offer. With both of their parents dying on the Gambit they are the only ones who can. [34], After Roy got shot with an arrow, Thea locked herself in her room along with Sin, concerning Moira, who asked Oliver to check on her. She confided in Oliver that Moira was acting the same way as when he and Robert were presumed dead. Malcolm claimed there was a sage on a nearby mountain who could help her. Die Nibelungen ("The Nibelungs") is a two-part series of silent fantasy films created by Austrian director Fritz Lang in 1924, consisting of Die Nibelungen: Siegfried and Die Nibelungen: Kriemhild's Revenge.. See Photos. After succeeding in this mission, Thea became the co-leader of League of Heroes alongside Talia al Ghul. Thea Queen (b. June 18, 1833) is an immortal mutant and a former member of the Assassin Order. Later, Thea received another visit from Oliver, who decided to tell her the truth about their father's death: Oliver revealed that Robert made it to a life boat with him after the Queen's Gambit went down, eventually sacrificing himself when they ran out of resources. Leaving a goodbye note to Roy, Thea decided to go with Malcolm and leave Starling City behind, with no intentions of coming back. Thea later tried to convince her mother to leave her room and go out with her. Thea's body was prepared by the Priestess and lowered into the pit. Civilian Although surprised, Thea ultimately didn't change her mind. [33][34] Thea was significantly absent during the fifth season, and showrunner Marc Guggenheim explained that Holland was only contracted to appear in 14 of the 23 episodes for the season. Afterwards, Thea confronted him later about it but he didn't give her a straight answer, leaving Thea confused. Chase later destroys the C4-rigged Lian Yu by shooting himself dead, with Thea still on the island. After Quentin fired Rene as Oliver's Chief of Staff, he rehired Thea to fill the position. Malcolm's harsh training has turned her in a capable fighter as she is able to act quickly and decisively when cornered. View the profiles of professionals named "Thea Queen" on LinkedIn. She helps Oliver to become a new candidate for mayor and meets a new boyfriend Alex Davis. The team takes a look at the cameras and Oliver heads upstairs to talk to Laurel. Thea rushed to get the first aid kit. Thea then contacted Malcolm and told him that the Arrow confronted her. Later, Thea and Oliver were waiting for the verdict when Oliver ran off to go after Count Vertigo, much to Thea's confusion. Thea and Oliver battled Machin while Laurel and John got Darhk's wife and daughter out safely. During the second half of the trial when Moira refused to testify, both her children questioned her reasons, which led Moira to admit to having an affair with Malcolm, much to Thea's dismay. When Roy asked if she felt lonely in Corto Maltese, Thea claimed that was the best part, as no one knew her or could lie to her. While Thea was heading home, Slade's car stopped and he offered her a ride, which she accepted. [69], Alex went over their campaign itinerary with Thea and Oliver. Moira guessed that Oliver could not change his own history that drastically without sacrificing his ability to save everyone else. The two then watched a movie and shared the popcorn. That left me with one option. Thea told Chase he can audition like everyone else, after which he left. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Later, Thea sensed Sara's arrival at her hospital room. [14], Thea developed a crush on Tommy after he came asking her for romantic advice regarding a girl he wanted to impress. Malcolm stated that he had promised he would never let anyone hurt her. In a daze, Laurel brushes off Thea's advice for her to go home and reveals she is being disbarred. Oliver later arrived and comforted Thea as she cried. Malcolm called to check up on her and Thea thanked him for taking care of her. Quentin caustically ranted that he didn't know if Thea was becoming more like Oliver or his late daughter, Sara Lance, until Laurel pulled him aside. [9] When she was young, Thea once fell off her horse, breaking her arm, and was hospitalized. Thea explained the situation, regarding the League coming after Malcolm, Oliver, and herself. Later, Thea was decorating the Christmas tree when the Arrow broke through her window. Sin then admitted to Roy that she liked Thea. facility built from stolen technology belonging to Oliver's ally Ray Palmer. Tarzan, Jane Porter, Professor Archimedes Q. Porter , Terk and Tantor. Thea Queen was born on January 21, 1995 in Starling City to Robert and Moira Queen, (although it is later revealed that Thea is Malcolm Merlyn's biological daughter ) and the younger half-sister of Oliver Queen. Afterwards Quentin Lance took her back to her apartment only to discover Black Siren. She expressed her worries about Oliver's disappearance and Malcolm assured her he would look into it. [3], Thea had dinner with Oliver and informed him about her plans of reopening Verdant with the help of investors. [76] She hired Quentin Lance, who had been fired from the SCPD after revealing that he had previously collaborated with Damien Darhk, as the city's Deputy Mayor. She is notable as one of the few HIV-positive characters in comic books. Thea Queen had made her fair share of mistakes in the past. In last week’s episode, we were treated to several major developments all packed into a single episode. When her father and brother were both presumed dead, Thea felt alone and disconnected from the world. Her addiction to Vertigo causes an animosity between her returned brother's alter-ego the Arrow and the drug's creator the Count.[3]. The trio narrowly manage to escape and eventually find the book; learning that the Monitor may actually be causing the oncoming crisis rather than preventing it. One example was when she would intentionally show up late to school and sometimes be on time. While initially upset at all of the times Oliver was lying and being a "flake", Thea ultimately realized that her brother was protecting and saving people. Thea failed in attempting to save one of them. That evening, Thea tearfully told Oliver what happened and expressed her frustration at how everyone is lying to her. Thea (it is insinuated) idolized Oliver as a child. Thea then calls Oliver, informing him that Laurel is getting drunk at the club. Oliver was furious upon learning this and realized Thea had no investors for the club. Thea ambushed Sara on top of a building, calling out to her using a voice modulator. [80], Thea, along with the rest of Team Arrow, was captured by Adrian Chase and taken to Lian Yu. Speedy Suddenly, Roy and Laurel entered and attacked Nyssa (believing that she somehow escaped and was attacking Thea), but she subdued them and left. [1], During her orientation at CNRI, Thea complained to Laurel about how long she had left to work, seeing herself as a "court-ordered slave" and asking "how [her 500 hours of community service was] not cruel and unusual punishment". Directed by Ralph Hemecker. Thea left and reunited with Roy. After the mission, Thea invited Alex over for wine and they kissed. At the Arrowcave, the team discussed the hijacking, with Laurel and Thea agreeing that they were outmatched and needed Oliver's help, against Diggle's wishes. 3) #2 (May 2001). She came to regret how harshly she treated her mother and brother, remorseful over how Moira died believing Thea still hated her, to the point she decided to leave Star City and her bitterness towards Oliver completely disappeared as well, even offering to keep in touch with her half-brother. Speedy; Mia Dearden; Green Arrow. The next day, the city's leadership committee was targeted by the Ghosts' organization through various means of assassination. [7] Every Christmas, Oliver and Thea would compete to see who could eat the holiday candy canes the fastest, which Thea allegedly always won, though Oliver would claim she cheated. [85], Later, Thea and Roy are intercepted by Nyssa al Ghul when they are leaving Star City, so Nyssa informs Thea of ​​the Thanatos Guild's threat against her, as she is also an Heiress to the Demon. Moira Dearden Queen (1964-2014) war die Witwe des verstorbenen Robert Queen, sowie die Mutter von Oliver Queen und Thea Queen und die Ex-Frau von Walter Steele. The cops arrived and after Thea gave her statement, she was cornered by Detective Quentin Lance, who pointed out she was too young to be at a party like this. Later in the club, Thea was put under Diggle's protection by Oliver, much to her annoyance. Despite her protests, Oliver and Diggle left for Nanda Parbat to rescue Malcolm in order to stop Thea from losing her humanity once she realizes that she has sentenced her father to his death. Oliver later discovered that Thea crashed because she was high on a drug called Vertigo. [36], Thea refused to talk to Roy due to him lying about what is going on with him. Thea has lost her sense of morality, pushing reasonable boundaries; such as when she framed Susan Williams for plagiarism simply because of her dislike for the latter as a reporter or when she revealed that she had evidence to prove that her half-brother, Oliver is Green Arrow, a scheme which resulted not only in Susan losing her job, but her life and reputation being ruined, Thea tried to justify this act by the incentive of protecting her half-brother, only for Oliver to cruelly criticize Thea's actions, pointing out the similarity of her misguided choices to that of their late mother, Moira Queen. Nov 19, 2020 - Explore Victoria Wilson's board "Thea Queen", followed by 112 people on Pinterest. Because of this, Thea is telepathically linked with Sara after her resurrection upon the Lazarus Pit. Oliver tried to warn Thea that she did not know who Malcolm really was and he did not love her because he was incapable of it (having learned he made Thea kill Sara), but Thea remained stubborn. Näytä niiden ihmisten profiilit, joiden nimi on Tod Thea. Upon seeing the two talking at her party, Thea angrily told her mother off, wishing she died on the Gambit instead of Robert. In doing so, he was stabbed, and Thea took him to the hospital. However, when Moira tried to be a decent parent for the first time by grounding her for breaking into a store, Thea obeyed the punishment even though she called Moira out at first. Thea later interrupted Oliver's interrogation of Machin in an abandoned warehouse to inform him that Felicity was out of surgery. When she woke up, Thea's memories were scattered as she had no memory of who Oliver was, looked to Malcolm for comfort, and asked about her mother. Later on, Thea visited Roy at his home and asked if she can stay with him for a while, to which Roy agreed. Speedy Arrowverse Earth-1. However, the team hits a rough patch with the mission and gets help from a surprising source — Laurel. Original multiverseLeague of Heroes (formerly)Team Arrow (in secret; formerly)Star City (formerly)Verdant (formerly)CNRI (briefly)New multiverseTeam Arrow (in secret; formerly) During the grand reopening of Verdant, Carrie Cutter walked past Thea while she was disappointed by the performance of the DJ. Family Seconds later, Thea jumped out and attempted to attack Oliver in a feral manner, but was subdued. Sara later attacked Thea at Laurel's apartment, but Thea managed to fend her off and escape, albeit injured in the altercation. Thea continued to keep her distance from her family, even trying to prevent her mother from doing her campaign rally at Verdant, only going through with it since she signed a contract. After digging up th… Eventually, Team Arrow found the Ghosts and observed as their leader addressed his men and killed one of them for failing to deal with the vigilantes. Thea has been kidnapped seven times in the series: Thea has had four love interests in the series: Additionally, Thea has caught the romantic interest of, Thea is technically the first character to successfully kill a member of. Nach dem gewaltsamen Tod von Barrys Eltern scheint das Glück einen großen Bogen um ihn zu machen. The two spent the night together at Roy's new home. Thea Queen was born on January 21, 1995 to Malcolm Merlyn and Moira Queen. When Roy grew nervous about getting a shot, Thea advised him to just take his mind off of it, to which he responded that he didn't like needles. Thea Dearden Queen ( Willa Holland) ist die Tochter von Robert und Moira Queen und wuchs zusammen mit ihrem großen Bruder Oliver Queen im wohlbehüteten Elternhaus in Starling City auf. Out of spite, Thea disclosed to Oliver that his friends, Laurel and Tommy, had been sleeping together in his absence and stumbled off. She also reopens her nightclub after Malcolm secretly buys the foundry from Queen Consolidated for her. Malcolm then visited Thea since he knew Thea's bloodlust was returning. Oliver reassured her at the end that she wouldn't. When the team needed to draw out a team of cops from the Rogue Anti-Vigilante Task Force, Thea got in touch with her old drug dealer to buy $74,000 of cocaine. After being revived by the Lazarus Pit (after Thea was nearly killed by Ra's al Ghul) Thea's rebirth appeared to have left it's mark on her soul. She went to the auto-shop Roy worked at, only to learn he had quit. Roy told Thea that he couldn't leave anyone behind and urged her to get out of the Glades. Thea understood and let the cat outside.[6]. Sara Lance ist die jüngere Schwester von Laurel Lance und damit Tochter von Quentin und Dinah Lance. Moved, Malcolm agreed with Thea's decision to stay. Oliver later called Thea out over her recklessness, ordering his sister to not be so aggressive when she's out in the field.

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