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Beli Kz Zsn Pro Online berkualitas dengan harga murah terbaru 2021 di Tokopedia! Resin and Zinc Alloy housing material. Bluetooth 5.2. KZ ZSN PRO X The ZSN PRO X is a hybrid 2 way earphone with a 10mm dual-magnet dynamic driver for lows and a balanced armature for highs. KZ DQ6. KZ ZSN Pro. KZ ZSN Pro X. KZ ZST X. KZ ZSX. Learn More. KZ BTE KZ S1 / KZ S1D. The combination of different materials and the wide range of color options display a modern and eye-catching earphones Equipped with a customized 30095 high frequency balanced armature and a 10mm mid-bass low frequency dynamic driver, tuned by the professional acoustic team, this model fully shows the inherent of rich analytic power of the hybrid technology. Balanced Armature. KZ ZSN KZ ZSN Pro. Unboxing / Packaging: Packaging is standard KZ white box with cable, tips, card, and earpieces. Strong bass. Customized small fuselage. KZ SKS. I find these to be very comfortable. Disclaimer: I was sent the KZ Zsn Pro by Kinboofi for review. The KZ ZSN Pro is an upgraded version of the ZSN. Also, their bass is slightly boomy and muddy while their mid-range is a bit recessed and will, therefore, sound slightly hollow on vocals and lead instruments. KZ S2 Precise midrange. Upgrade version of KZ ZSN PRO. Lucky for you, KZ's come out with a new model they're calling the ZSN Pro. The faceplate is made of high quality Zinc Alloy while the cavity is made of imported resin. KZ AS10 KZ AS12 KZ AS16. The KZ ZSN have a deep, powerful, and consistent bass, and a well-balanced mid-range, but their treble performance is very uneven, lacking detail and overly sharp on some S and T sounds. Sensitivity is still the same at 112dB/mW making the ZsN Pro X fairly easy to to drive from smartphones or tablets. Bluetooth Earphone. Hybrid driver. Back to product list. Phisical noise reduction. It features a hybrid driver configuration with a 30095 balanced armature driver and 10mm dynamic driver. Pembayaran mudah, pengiriman cepat & bisa cicil 0%. The kz zsn pro comes in the usual minimal white kz box. The shells are made of translucent resin with zinc-alloy faceplates. Based on KZ ZSN PRO, we have made some improvements on this model. Sweet treble. Detachable Type-C Pin SPC Cable. 1BA 1DD, hybrid 2 driver in ear earphone. The Upgraded Version-KZ ZSN PRO X. KZ ZSN Pro. Driver Configurations 1* 10mm dual-magnet dynamic driver 1* 30095 balanced armatures Specifications Model: KZ ZSN … KZ ASF. Demo units courtesy of: Frequency Response measurements and graphs for In-Ear Monitors (IEMs) and earphones. KZ ASX. If you are interested in purchasing the ZsN Pro, it can be found in their Amazon store here. KZ ZSN Pro adopts a streamline style of metal and resin. The ZsN Pro X uses the same 2nd generation 10mm titanium coated diaphragm dynamic driver and customized 30095 balanced armature as the ZSN Pro, but curiously now lists the impedance as 25Ω rather than the 24Ω of the ZSN Pro. Looking for an upgrade from the original KZ ZSN? Big dynamic. A professional-grade electronic crossover is used to adjust the frequencies delivered and ensure that both drivers work in sync. An Ergonomically Designed Professional Wireless Earphone. • frequency: 7-40000 HS • impedance: 24 • sensitivity: 112dB Inside the box when opened the kz zsn pro are presented with a cut out box. This has been covered so many times that I see little reason to rehash this. The gold looks particularly nice! On the front is a outline of the kz zsn pro and on the back there are specifications on the back. Three dynamics perfomance monster.

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