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It’s not actually a cookie, it’s an extension of the qualifying purchase period. An affiliate program with a lifetime cookie is often sought after by affiliate marketers. WHich cookie works at that point in time? This means that if a customer clicks your link and orders ANYTHING (almost anything), within a 24 hour window, you’ll earn a commission on those items. Amazon has a 24-hour cookie placed on the user's browser. In this video, learn what cookies are and how cookie duration can impact your affiliate earnings. As of version 1.7.7 AffiliateWP stores a third cookie for affiliate campaign tracking. I used to have 1 product that I promoted that I used an add to cart option because it was a very focused product. Not really, it’s always different depending on the niche. Go to Close Your Amazon Account. i am using Woozone Plugin. What about when someone adds a product to the wishlist? You’ll earn affiliate fees on any qualifying items your visitor adds to their shopping cart during that time: the curry powder, the Instant Pot, and the KitchenAid mixer. Since you now understand the normal cookie is a 24 hour cookie and is able to be credited to you on any click this may lead you to wonder why the 90 day … The Amazon Associates program allows affiliate marketers to tap into the immense power of Amazon. Click the tab that says "General" and click "Delete" next to browsing history. If someone clicks on the link then leaves Amazon but comes back within the 24 hours and buys something do i still get the commission? You shold see your affiliate id on the product purchase page. Overly strict terms of service. Now I can’t be 100% sure that this is a result of disabling the add to cart option,but the conversation rate significantly increased in just 1 month so it is a possibility. I was initially told the “add to cart” button let’s you get commissions from a customer for every item purchased within the 90 days period. 24 hours pass and they didn’t purchase anything. Cookies last for 30 days – means that once you bring someone to our site, whenever he decides to purchase Jarvee during the following 30 days he will register under you. Will I get paid a commission? Less than 89 days later, they return to Amazon, add 5 more products to their cart, and check out all 8 items. I clicked ‘add to cart’. Awesome post. Will check here again often for a post and/or reply. Generally the lifespan of an affiliate cookie varies depending upon the affiliate program. The difference here is that those themes and plugins make it easier to get a special “add to cart” link, which prompts users to add the product to their cart, and increases the chances of a 90 day cookie. But we are getting 90 days cookies from Amazon. It's possible to almost guarantee your Amazon site will be profitable, before you even build it. Many thanks. Great post..! With that in mind, I have a tip for anyone who is interested in getting started with the Amazon Associates affiliate program: Steer clear of anyone who tries to sell you a cookie-cutter Amazon affiliate website. What I would like to know, are the Amazon links done correctly on the page mentioned? So any single checkout or purchase made will be credited to you at the agreed upon rate. . We are using 24 hour window for our site. Since my blog don’t get much traffic but my Facebook fan page has better traffic so i started to focus on that and only posting my amazon affiliate links staight to my Facebook page. 00 ($14.00/Count) I was considering the pros vs the cons and I think the cons outweighs the pros in most cases. Generally, there are more pros than cons, but it’s far from a no-brainer decision. Is there a way for that? For today’s post, I’ve imagined several different scenarios, and based on what I could find in section 7 of the operating agreement, and additionally, based on what I could get out of the Amazon reps in live chat, I’ve posted my conclusions below. Thank you for listing the Amazon 90-day cookie myths. Thanks for clarifying everything in detail. In a higher ticket niche though, you may well pick up more sales as a result of doing this, and the few customers who get put off by the add to cart prompt may well be offset by the increased number of customers returning later to complete their purchase. Great Read. Question: Do you know how the affiliate link works for people who order items as a subscription? It have 90 day cookies extension feature. This is simply not true. While the 90 day cookie is great, there are a lot of myths that I’ve seen about it, even from some people selling products that utilize it. If that’s the case, I have to make new links every 24 hours? If you are a Product Advertising API subscriber, you should also replace the Subscription ID.

. I have a confusion about the amazon affiliate order report Clicks & Conversion Summary section it says Numbers of “Direct-Link Clicks” and “Other Clicks”. Go to the Develop option in the top menu bar, and click on “Show Web Inspector". I guess one can only hope that the customer adds to cart as many items as possible and have them buy everything on the cart within the 90-day period! Let’s get into the details of how Amazon cookies work with affiliates … Question: So you may need to delve deep into the small print to find out what applies to any given affiliate program. It also doesn’t cover every possible scenario for using this cookie either, which leads to more information. Little-known fact: As soon as the customer places an order, your cookie is wiped. You don’t, that’s the point. Thanks!. The second site would get paid, but this is pretty rare. But this should be made more clear if all the affiliate cookies are 90 days cookies or some special functionality is provided through the plugins. Can you clarify. No, as long as the product is still available it’s fine. So, now is the cookie a 90 day cookie? What about when people click on my website affiliate links, but don’t buy, do I have to update the link after 24 hour have passed in order to earn commission? Thanks, Thanks – great read and insightful about the pros and cons of the 90 day extension. Thank You So much, you have clarified everything. The Amazon affiliate program, also known as Amazon Associates, is a way to earn money by referring customers to Amazon.Bloggers, YouTubers, marketers, and influencers use affiliate links to advertise products that are listed on Amazon. Many people say that you get paid for the WHOLE cart at the time of checkout, whereas in fact you don’t. Also, I HAVE been to many many many websites and you are right, they all say that you simply cannot do the 90 cookie without THEIR help. Their algorithm or backend software is robust enough to detect this. Obviously there is and your post does a good job of explaining how it works. Advance thanks for your replying bro. 2021. Thanks for sharing this information..have shared this link with others keep posting such information.. For example, when you send a customer to the “add to cart” page, they’ll see an uninspiring blank page with the question, “do you want to add this to your cart?” and the name of the product. | Powered by WordPress, To Make Sure Your Amazon Site Will Be Profitable, 5 Top Keyword Tools for Amazon Affiliates, Authority Azon Success Story – Gavin Jackson, Problem with automatic generation of URLs on "Types" Page, The AWS Access Key Id you provided does not exist in our records. We’re considering it. Hi Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. What are your thoughts? Extend your Amazon affiliate/associate cookies up to 90 days with this amazing WordPress plugin. Here my doubt is how we can know, Is 90 day cookies working or not ? you cleared up a lot of fogging sales pitches out there trying to sell one a plugin.. Of course, if your Amazon site is setup like an eCommerce site, where customers can add items to a cart on your store, before going to Amazon to checkout, then I would say this is an instance where you ALWAYS want to use the 90 day add to cart feature. They click on the same link in the same blog post – or the same link in a social media ad – over 24 hours later and do purchase something. A lot of Amazon plugins and themes exist that claim the only way  to get a 90-day cookie is to use a special plugin or theme (usually theirs). Thanks . One of the negatives of the Amazon affiliate program is that you get credit for your … Is there a way to tell if previous purchases were made within the 24 hr. Remember, it’s not a cookie, it’s just an 89 day extension of THOSE products. It’s a universal cookie, meaning that even if the customer clicks through your link to view a baby stroller, but ends up buying a new kitchen set, some dumbbells, and a ribbon for their dog, you’ll get paid for all of those items. What’s the validity of a affiliate link? Sorry, that’s the part I didn’t understand. The standard Amazon affiliate link gives you 24 hours for a customer to make a purchase, in order for you to earn a commission. When it comes to making money online you’re going to have a lot of options at your disposal. -  Designed by Thrive Themes Which is type of click is better for me if i promote links straight in to my Facebook what is the difference between “Direct-Link Clicks” and “Other Clicks” . As well as testing your links to see what results in higher conversions, it’s well worth considering your customer buying habits. For example, we don’t have traffic one day but still we received sales on our affiliate account. However, what this DOESN’T mean is that if the customer adds a product to their cart, you now have a 90 day cookie and can earn on anything else they buy in the next 90 days. As you said there is a lot of missleading information on the web. The cookie's expiration is determined by how many days is entered from Affiliates → Settings → General → Cookie Expiration. Late reply here- but you can always test by adding a new tracking ID only for adding to the cart. When I first started getting into affiliate marketing, there were only a few programs available and Amazon Associates was one of the kings. Sandhills Development, LLC So without the universal cookie, my commissions would be a lot lower. or 89 day period? However, I don’t believe it’s always best to send customers straight to the add to cart button, otherwise, Amazon would make these standard. This means that the normal Amazon links you are already using can still earn you a 90 day cookie, and you’ve likely already had it happen. Cheers! Finally, a straightforward article on this 90 days cookie. Remember though that the “add to cart” link still works the same as a normal affiliate link, so if they don’t immediately add the product to their cart, but shop around and make a purchase within 24 hours, you do still get paid. However, if the customer then returns to through one of your Associates links, this opens a new 24-hour window. The reason being that you can earn commissions from referrals that clicked 6 months ago or even a year ago. I was just about to purchase a plugin which promises to extend the cookie to 90 days but I decided to search around for more reviews. Great post I learned a lot about 90 days cookies .I hope to use this to my advantage in the future . Thank you, great post! Sure but it needs to use the correct HTML. I had to read it several times but I did have that “ah-ha” moment once it set in! The Amazon affiliate tracking cookie is a 24 hours long cookie. I know I’m a bit late to the party, but I’d like to know something particular: How do you even know when a cookie is set (can you find out through the browser inspector as you would with normal cookies?). Very informative thanks for great read and insightful about the pros and cons of the 90 day extension. I’m confused. What if instead of using a form to let potential customers manually click the add to cart button (using the html you provided above)and just use the amazon add cart url then append the product url along with your associate id, will it be considered a valid addition to the cart or is it something technically not sound to do? No, the 24 hours starts when someone clicks the link, not when you post the link. I have a question: Is it possible to create just a link that adds the 90-day cookie? Is there a section in the TOS that talks about add to cart links? So that means I don’t have to generate a new link in every 24 hrs. Learn how. Why are visits not showing or matching up with page views or clicks? Invisible iFrames & Amazon Cookies. So, if I make an affiliate link on Tuesday and someone doesn’t click on it until Friday- then it’s too late and I get no credit? But you now have a clear idea of exactly what Amazon Associates is and if it is a fit for you. Let’s step back a bit, for those of you who didn’t know, and talk about the 24 hour cookie and the 90 day extension of it. © Can I track it? It's in the top-right corner of the "What can we help you with?" However I recently disabled that option and just left it as a normal 24 hour cookie option and have seen an increase in my conversation rate. Here’s where it gets confusing, and sales pages of various plugins and themes get misleading. Affiliate Cookie Stuffer Tool - Affiliate Cookie Stuffing How-To Guide. It is of course possible that a customer may arrive at via your Associates link, add an item to his Shopping Cart, and then leave without placing an order. Do I have to label Amazon banners and links as advertisement? Sign into the account you want to close. Generally speaking, the 90-day cookie IS better than the 24-hour cookie, but it’s not as black and white as that, and you should decide whether or not to use it based on your own site’s situation. if somebody visited through my special link to a product i recommend and didn’t placed an order,leaves and within 24 hour frame they visited through special link of another website with same product that i recommend, who’ll get paid? The Basics. I Will try it on my site. What I mean by this, is once I have a shortened link (or image link or whatever), will I ever need to change/generate a new one in the future (like 6-12 months after)? Will they get a 90 day cookie or 1 day? hi, if I do get the authority azon theme can I use the method above to manually create the 90 day links, in order to test side by side for my products? Copyright text 2015 by Authority Azon - High-Converting Amazon Affiliate Theme. I just started sending customers to a $500 product via the usual product link (not add to cart). Once the user makes any purchase the cookie is cleared so two purchases in the same hour, only the first is credited. My question is: How do I get stats of ‘add to cart’ clicks? me or the other website? Mini Cookies, SOUR PATCH KIDS Candy & Nutter Butter Bites Cookies & Candy Variety Pack, Easter Cookie Gifts, 32 Snack Packs 4.7 out of 5 stars 4,144 $14.00 $ 14 . Nicely explained how the 90 days Amazon cookie works. By clicking on your email address in the upper section of the Amazon Associates page and following ‘Manage your Tracking IDs’, you can create a new Tracking ID with just a few clicks, or manage your existing Tracking IDs. That’s right, if you live in Arkansas, Colorado or Maine, because of a sales tax dispute, you simply can’t sign up to be an Amazon affiliate. But this should be made more clear if all the affiliate cookies are 90 days cookies or some special functionality is provided through the plugins.

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