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Barry and Bruce board the treadmill, asking Thomas to come with them, although Thomas refuses. The knife actually didn't match the murder weapon used to kill Judy and Barry reported Ralph, who was subsequently fired for planting evidence. Barry tried to run to him and stop Savitar, but he quickly stabbed Iris through the back, before speeding away, leaving the Flash to cradle Iris's dying body in his arms, quickly to be revealed to actually be H.R. However, Cisco also pointed out that he was just as responsible as he freed Barry from the Speed Force which not only gave Ralph his powers, but also started the whole situation and told Barry he didn't do all that just so Barry could try to stop DeVoe all by himself. Later this day Barry visits Iris in civilian and asks her out for a date. As Barry and Iris plan their wedding, a storm broke out. When Flash arrived he attacked the Reverse-Flash though was quickly defeated again. H.R Wells had also gave Barry and Iris a pet turtle named McSnurtle. Using Harry's breach closing device Flash sped through Central City and used them to close the other 50 remaining breaches except the primary one in S.T.A.R. The two were interrupted by Patty, who told the two she was right about King Shark. DeVoe also kills Wolfe before escaping. [40], When dealing with Rathaway, Barry was taken away by another version of himself, who tranquilized him and switched their Flash emblems in order to temporarily replace him. While Flash took the children back to their homes, unbeknownst to him, Green Lantern made a deal that the two of them would return and fight for the team that the children were representing. [12] Later that night, Barry was comforted by his mother when he admitted he was afraid of the dark. Savitar mocked Kid Flash's efforts, reminding Kid Flash that he would eventually kill everyone West loved. The ghost can possess his own descendants indefinitely, so Darryl Frye alters police records to show that he is the most recent one when it's actually Barry. Unconvinced, Killer Frost spoke of his upbringing with Iris, citing it as possibly deterring him from ultimately killing Iris. After Dr. Light escaped, Barry rushed over to S.T.A.R. However, Barry eventually gained Oliver's trust. Barry ran through a truck, getting the kinetic bomb off and returned to City Hall to give everyone an antidote. Once they reached the hangar, the meta-humans had escaped and began attacking Barry, Cisco, Caitlin, and Joe. He went into more detail, explaining that they'd been looking for more "meta-humans", a term they'd coined for people like Barry. Ralph later apprehended him with Barry, Cisco, and Caitlin returning from DeVoe's lair. At S.T.A.R. [2] With the lie of his power being the first speedster to ever be granted power to the Speed Force, he eventually became the fastest out of all of them, challenging other powerful speedsters who threatened his power to battle, before taking over their Earths. Later that night, the Flash went to visit Linda. Barry later called Caitlin and Cisco over and told them about why he and Joe had learned about Wells. Their efforts were interrupted once again by the arrival of two Flashes; Barry having joined forces with Jay Garrick. Soon both Wallys succeed in saving Barry. As they keep fighting, Thawne remarks that he did not always appreciate violence, and the best gift he received is the idea of Barry blaming himself. Iris was covering the event for her journalism assignment and needed Barry to help her with the scientific parts. Dig tried to convince him by saying that the other A.R.G.U.S. During his birthday party, Multiplex attacks after a girl he was stalking. Civilian Savitar then brought up Barry's parents and all the pain he suffered but told him he wouldn't survive what was coming angered Barry disconnected Savitar from Julian. Determined to correct the future, Barry's younger self reassembled Team Flash and attempted to stop a rampant Mirror Master and Top, although he quickly succumbed to the effects of Top's vertigo-inducing powers. Afterward Barry, Cisco and Harry prepared for their journey to Earth-2 giving their goodbyes to Joe, Iris, Caitlin and Jay and when ready, Jay activated the Speed Cannon and Barry sped himself with Cisco and Harry into it and ventured through the multiverse. When Felicity asked to help save Starling City, Barry said he had a long overdue conversation with Eobard.[52]. Barry asked the Reverse-Flash who he really was but the man claimed Barry already knew who he was, that they had been fighting each other for years. Despite acting selfishly, Wells expressed that he truly, deeply believed that Barry was special, that he could help stop the havoc he'd created. Back at S.T.A.R. Realizing that this would give him the opportunity he needed, Savitar met with Barry. After Julian opened the container, Savitar was released and possessed Julian, killing the other members of the exhibition. After realizing not even Linda (his traditional "lightning rod") could remember him, Wally sank into desolation and chose to appear before Barry one last time to thank him for the life he had given him. Being one of the survivors of the original multiverse, Barry took the place of his Earth-Prime counterpart after the multiverse was recreated[94] (though his counterpart's suit remained in its display at S.T.A.R. When Grodd caught up, Barry once again had flashbacks of being defeated by Zoom and was knocked down by Grodd. Paramedics soon arrived, along with the police, including Joe. Just before Wally disappeared, Barry suddenly remembered him and dragged him free of the Speed Force. As Barry tried to close his lab's rafters due to the worsening storm, he watched in confusion and awe as the liquids around him suddenly levitated, defying gravity. Honoring the correct deduction, Savitar steps out of his armor, stepping out to reveal a pale, scarred version of Barry. They had the meta-humans placed in a truck owned by Cisco's family and used the device from Eobard's wheelchair to disable the meta-humans powers temporarily. Having regained possession of most of the Philosopher's Stone after being thrown into the Speed Force by his original self, Savitar put the next phase of his escape plan into action. Flash and Arrow arrived at the house of Mari's foster father Chuck but when she saw the vigilantes she immediately ran and they gave chase. Later he and Wells talk about the mistakes that they made. At the meeting, Ralph Dibny revealed the Black Hole diamond; with the help of Allegra Garcia, Ralph and Barry found a warehouse that belonged to Black Hole. According to Eobard, Barry's speed in the future is unlimited. Labs, Barry felt guilt having his plan failed and wondered how Oliver could do whatever it took to get what he needed. Racing to the piece, he found himself confronted by Jesse Quick. After convincing him to help them track down the Rival, Barry and Wally teamed up to battle the Rival. Remembering that Marlize told Barry that if the good DeVoe transported through DeVoe's nexus, they'd be able to take control. Joe asked how Barry could even look at him and Barry told Joe that he had to resist the urge to kill him. Later when seeing Iris by herself, Barry encouraged Oliver to talk to her and try to convince. Although conflict arose when it came to light that Nora was working with Eobard Thawne in secret, the three of them grew immensely close. She helped him get home after he helped her fight two of her enemies Livewire and Silver Banshee, but when he returned only a second had passed and nobody knew it. Channeling the residual Speed Force energy Iris from her various interactions with speedsters through hers and Barry's love for others into the machine, they were able to restore the Speed Force and Barry's powers. After they defeat the Black Hole group members, they soon witness more speedsters being born as an another Speed Force storm strikes more citizens. Labs while considering Team Flash's offer to help him. Marlize however said goodbye to her husband and destroyed his chair, killing DeVoe for good. Savage proceeded to blow the church up using the staff with Barry racing both him and Oliver to safety. At the precinct, Barry quickly identified Snart and learned that Snart's father was a dirty cop. When he woke up, Joe told Barry that he can't blame himself on the death of Eddie and Ronnie and that it was on the entire team. Barry tries to stop him from stealing Vandervoort diamonds at the CCPD but Glosson gets away. As the Flash lay broken and bleeding at his feet, Savitar declared the Flash to be beneath him and announced that he (Savitar) was the Future Flash while his original self was the past Flash. At the West-household Barry and the West family talk about love which triggers something in Barry's mind. Labs, where the debated with Caitlin who was more compatible for Stein. Barry returned to S.T.A.R. They went back to S.T.A.R. When asked if they could trust Felicity, Barry told Cisco and Caitlin that she works with The Arrow, reassuring them. Barry then told Joe he felt as if the city no longer see's him as the man strong enough to protect them. After Iris left, Barry remembered it was Firestorm who closed the singularity, causing the death of Ronnie Raymond. Labs on Earth-1. During that particular part of their investigation, Felicity invited Barry to a Queen Consolidated function, which was actually a party at the Queen Mansion. He summoned the book from Argus and disappeared. [34][35], While rounding and encountering more speedsters Barry learns about a S.T.A.R. Before leaving, Novu stated that the Flash must die in order for billions to live. Amongst them, barry finds a cutting knife with no name. As his back was turned, Barry defiantly charged Savitar and phased into the suit of armor, expelling the time remnant out of the armor. They were then reminded by Eobard that he was always one step ahead. Barry saw that the timeline had changed, most noticeably being that his parents were alive and well. Labs where they learned the bee's were all robotic. Eobard lies to him and says he has his word, and leads the Flash into the Negative Speed Force. Barry deduced that the fire was from an arsonist and was then greeted by Patty Spivot, who claimed to be a big fan of his due to his forensic reports. Meanwhile, Barry pulled Iris aside and told her to exercise caution when writing the article on DeVoe. Barry then went to visit Iris and confess his feelings, leaving Iris in tears. When Nora returned from work, she was happy to see that her son had won the competition, but she was obligated to speak to Henry about their relationship, and so Barry was sent to the bookstore in the meantime. Also, Joe gets back to work. Introducing herself Kate Kane Bruce's cousin and the current inheritor of Wayne Enterprises. But which Barry Allen?" Then both couples finally get married.[11][67][68][69]. DeVoe then collapsed to the floor and Ralph took his body back. As Barry left Iron Heights, he was told by Joe that the latter took his advice on told Iris of Francine. Barry offers Wally to tell Iris about him and his origins, but Wally declines, saying that they can't do this until they find who's behind the missing years. Barry fought Tony but was once again defeated. for his protection against DeVoe. Jay was quick to blame Harry but he denied any involvement as Barry went back to the precinct to follow up on the runaway truck case. On his train back to Central City, Barry encountered Martin Stein and the two discussed physics and Harrison Wells' particle accelerator and how it would change the world. Cisco tracks down Caitlin working in a local bar, via his vibing ability, apparently free of her Killer Frost persona. Barry asked Mason what evidence he had on Wells and was told to read about it like everyone else. Excited that he beat all the criminals, he almost let the driver get away. [44], Ignoring Mari's warning Flash and Arrow returned later to her house, where they discovered she'd become a vigilante herself, and Arrow questioned her intentions to take on Detroit's criminals without training. While Jay distracted Slick, Barry saved Patty from a concussion bomb. Labs systems and take the Enlightenment online. Later, Barry had Cisco build a tech so Grodd couldn't get into his head again. Barry went to help Iris. Eventually, Barry steps up the training, believing Wally to be the key to saving Iris, as tests of Barry's current rate of acceleration since gaining his powers show that he cannot become fast enough by May to save Iris from Savitar where Wally may have a chance. Unfortunately manages to poison Barry with his venom. The following day, Barry returned the scene as part of his job. However, when Cisco said he saw a clock with the time 9:52pm Harry revealed it was currently 6:00pm, revealing that he can see the future and the team began searching for Tina. After Barry believed he couldn't catch him, Wells reminded that force fields are impervious to speed. He reasoned that if none of Team Flash cared about him, he shouldn't care about any of them. Her boyfriend Sam, though, was trapped forever in the Mirror World. [63] To those who do view him as a god such as his cult of followers, Savitar seemed appreciative of them enough to aid them in time of need. Patty asked if it could've been by a meta-human but Barry told her it wasn't. He is also someone who is regularly late as he missed a train and cab all to get to Queen Consolidated's warehouse and missed the last train back to Central City. He suspected that Clifford DeVoe was a meta-human (after the Council of Wells informed him that the latter was the mastermind behind the bus meta-humans) despite the fact that he did not have a criminal record, his suspicions of Clifford were further amplified when he and his wife, Marlize lied to Barry's superior officer, David Singh, claiming that he was harassing Clifford (when in truth, he was only conducting the necessary investigation) even when every member of Team Flash believed that he was innocent - Barry's suspicions were proven to be correct yet again, regarding Clifford. Earth- 90 Barry Allen headed towards The Monitor who made him vanish with a snap of his fingers. When he returned to S.T.A.R. To get the information they wanted out of Julian, the Flash reveals his identity to be Barry, as Julian did not trust someone in a mask. A week passed and Barry worked on the Artificial Speed Force machine, but his mind continually worked on his domestic problems, causing his Speed gauge to stay red. Hartley used the data on Barry's molecular scans to stop Barry once he was disarmed. Due to the stress Flashtime inflicted upon Killer Frost, she exhausted herself before she was able to cool the bomb enough. Soon, he and Jesse team up to defeat Magenta.

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