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TWA Flight 513, registration NC86513, Star of Lisbon, was a Lockheed L-049 Constellation operated by Transcontinental and Western Air on a training flight on July 11, 1946 Reading, Pennsylvania.Electrical wiring in the baggage compartment arced, starting a fire. Podcast: Play in new window | Download. It is by far one of the strangest and most bizarre stories ever told, only that it isn’t just a story, after all, it’s real. “1950s Airliner Lands With 92 Skeletons On Board.” Did World’s Oldest Fish ‘Hanako’ Live To Be 226 Years Old? Aeroflot Flight 513 was a domestic scheduled passenger flight operated by Aeroflot that crashed during takeoff from Kuybyshev Airport in the Soviet Union on 8 March 1965, resulting in the deaths of 30 passengers and crew. He stated, “If this plane did enter a time warp and there is evidence to prove it, the entire world should be told. The planned destination of the Lockheed Super Constellation was Chile in South America. © 2021 PARANORMS.COM All rights reserved | Contact us, This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Shayne, Tasha. Pearl, Mike. While the aircraft itself might have been less technologically advanced, it might not have looked totally out of place. The Missing Santiago Flight 513 Landed After 37 Years 92 यात्रियों से भरा विमान रहस्यमयी तरीके से हो गया था गायब, 37 साल बाद लैंडिंग कर मचा दी थी भगदड़ We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Flight 513 is commonly referred to as one of the greatest mysteries that the world has ever witnessed, to say the least. Did Lily from the AT&T Commercials ‘Confirm Rumors’? Critics of the Flight 513 story insist it’s nothing more than an urban myth or attempt to sell newspapers. Google Book. Sign Up for free (or Log In if you already have an account) to be able to post messages, change how … Flight 513 Enters a Time Warp. On October 12, 1989, without any contact with air traffic controllers, Santiago Flight 513 was spotted circling the Porto Alegre airport, where it eventually made a successful landing. It's a big Universe full of wonders. Santiago Flight 513 departed from Aachen in what was then West Germany on September 4, 1954. Accordingly, a Pan American Flight 914 took off from New York in 1955, Vanished and then the Plane landed in Caracas in 1985 – after 37 years. The mysterious story of Santiago Flight 513 seems uncannily similar to an episode of 1961 show The Twilight Zone titled ‘The Odyssey of Flight 33’ in … Reportedly, Santiago Airlines Flight 513 took off on Sep 4, 1954 from Aachen, West Germany. Santiago Flight 513. In countless cases, science fiction has become science fact. The skeleton of Miguel Victor Cury, the captain, still had hold of the controls and the engines were still idling – something that can only be accomplished with the aircraft safely on the ground. On board were 88 passengers and four crew. More pressing questions took precedence over this one, though. Answering that mystery only opened a deeper and much more pertinent one. Please share a link to this episode in all of your social media to help enlarge our Weirdo family! “Santiago Flight 513 Commercial Airliner Takes Off in Germany in 1954, Lands in Brazil in 1989.” Sia Magazine. The passengers would have had no reason to think twice about it. Weird Bit 19 - Santiago Flight 513: The Flight That Time Forgot. Did Flight 513 bound for Santiago, Chile finally land - 35 years after it took off? “It is a theory not only of curved space but of curved or warped time as well” (Hawking). Flight 401 – The Ghost Crew of Eastern Air Lines. And wait until you find out what happened to the passengers… This material may not be reproduced without permission. The administration has said it is seeking a regulatory role in the development of digital... Did DMX Take COVID-19 Vaccine Days Before Heart Attack? Info. However, the airline, Santiago, had ceased operating in 1956. Hawking, Stephen. Les currently resides in London and is a freelance writer with a long-standing passion for the unexplained and paranormal. “An Interview with the Former ‘Weekly World News’ Editor Who Created Bat Boy.” But just hours after its takeoff, the flight lost contact with the control station. Aaron Ramsey Effect: Legend of a Soccer Star. Remember E=MC2? 37:12. In today's Daily Debunker: The The scheduled British South American Airways flight should have taken under 4 hours to travel from Buenos Aires in Argentina to the Chilean capital Santiago across the Andes mountains. That was until October 12, 1989, when it made an approach to Port Alegre, circled the airport and made a successful landing. But within the stories like Flight 513, the imagination is an unbounded playground where one can take that trip through the proverbial wormhole. Perhaps time travel may never be a reality either. In today's Daily Debunker: The "mysterious disappearance" of Santiago Airlines Flight 513, a viral photo of the "world's smallest bird," and how to spell "Trump" by folding a $20 bill. Mystery Of Santiago Flight 513 That ‘Disappeared’ In 1954. The passengers would have had no reason to think twice about it. At least one researcher into the realm of paranormal events went on record to declare that the only possible explanation that fits all of the reported details is that the aircraft utilized a time-warp. The flight should have taken around 18 hours. Let me first talk about the Disappearance of Santiago Flight 513 On September 4, 1954, Santiago Airlines Flight 513 was departed from Aachen, Germany, destined for Porto Alegre, Brazil. Santiago Flight #513. This was Einstein’s precursor to his General Theory of Relativity that describes how mass affects space and time, which are fundamentally interconnected. However, that didn't happen. Did VP Kamala Harris Cut Funding and Shutter VA Facilities? The passengers would have had no reason to think twice about it. Adverse reactions in four states led to a temporary cessation of the administration of the... Did Prince Philip Say He Wanted To Be Reincarnated as a Deadly Virus? This is not a genuine news story. A missing airliner (Santiago Flight 513) mysteriously landed 35 years later with a cockpit and passenger cabin full of skeletons. June 29, 2017. When authorities approached the craft and took note of its age, they were baffled to discover that it belonged to Santiago Airlines, an airline that had ceased operating in 1956. Discussion. If this story sounds a bit familiar, it may be because it shares quite a few similarities with a 1961 episode of “The Twilight Zone” called “The Odyssey of Flight 33.” Or, maybe it’s because you used to read the tabloid Weekly World News. For the uninitiated, here’s the general gist of the time-traveling tale, as recounted on the website Gaia: On September 4, 1954, Santiago Airlines Flight 513 departed from Aachen, West Germany, destined for Porto Alegre, Brazil. 30 September 2014. September 24, 2018 Dean Wehrli. Behauptung: A missing airliner (Santiago Flight 513) mysteriously landed 35 years later with a cockpit and passenger cabin full of skeletons. Snopes and the Snopes.com logo are registered service marks of Snopes.com. On September 4, 1954, Santiago Airlines Flight 513 with 92 people departed from Aachen, West Germany, destined for Porto Alegre, Brazil. Instead, it took 35 years. A viral Facebook post in April 2021 described a once common, but now widely forgotten... Is the Biden Administration Creating or Mandating Vaccine Passports? Were an American Couple Killed by Isis While Trying to ‘Prove Humans Are Kind’? Santiago Flight 513 Landed With 92 Skeletons: Something like this could change the way we view our world and alter science as we know it.”. Additional Sources: If you’re new to conspiracy theories then you need to read about this incident as it is considered to be the stepping point that pulled most theorists into this world. On the contrary, time slows down when traveling at a high speed. Hanako, a scarlet koi, was rumored to have been alive at the time of the... Did 4 States Halt Administration of J&J Vaccine Due to Safety Concerns? This time, the flight was referred to as Santiago Flight 513, and the crew and passengers on this fictional flight didn’t fare nearly as well. The reason is simple: The story of Santiago Flight 513 is a work of fiction created by an infamous tabloid. Unknown But Not Hidden. Did Santiago Flight 513 Disappear in 1954 Only to Land in 1989. Is the Ice Bucket Challenge Really a Satanic... Death of Luther McCarty: Ten Seconds of Light, Two Frightening Similar Murders – 157 Years Apart, Project Serpo: Top-Secret Exchange Mission with Eben Aliens, 13 Creepy Easter Bunny Photos That Will Give You Nightmares. Wormholes, Time Jumps, and the Mysterious Santiago Flight 513 Paranormal / Conspiracy Topic Archived; You're browsing the GameFAQs Message Boards as a guest. pinimg.com. They felt that the government had a duty of care to actually ‘come clean’ and reveal what they knew. Stanford Prisoner Experiment. So, enjoy the journey. The flight should have taken around 18 hours, but it … References: Weekly World News. JL50 is a DejaV Vu to what happened with Santiago Flight 513! Santiago Flight 513 was spotted circling the Porto Alegre airport, where it eventually made a successful landing. When security forces gained access to the plane, the reason for the lack of communication was immediately clear. On this episode of Expanded Perspectives, the guys start the show off talking about the new version of Coming to America! Somewhere over the Atlantic, though, something happened. Researchers made numerous calls to the government and asked them to allow civilians to assist in the ongoing investigation. Scientists have also confirmed Einstein’s theory by observing how the sun warps space by seeing light or radio waves bend around it. The smoke and intense fire created made it impossible for the pilots to maintain control of the aircraft. some of these mysteries have GROWN TO become legend, FAMOUS TALES like the story of Amelia Earhart and her disappearance, the many planes that have vanished over the infamous Bermuda … In the Pan Am Flight 914 version, the passengers all survived. No sooner had the gruesome discovery been made, explanations and theories were proposed and debated. Did Prince Philip Dress as a Palace Guard to Prank Queen Elizabeth? Accessed August 22, 2018. https://siamagazin.com/santiago-flight-513-commercial-airliner-takes-off-in-germany-in-1954-lands-in-brazil-in-1989/. Atomic clocks have demonstrated the space-time relationship by showing how time speeds up the further away one moves from the center of the earth or large masses, like mountains. On Santiago Flight 513, the plane was full of skeletons when it landed. If you’ve been following the conspiracy theory scene for a while now you’ve most likely already heard about the mystery of Flight 513. I just read an article about a flight from Germany to Santiago Chile in a Lockheed super constellation vanished from existence in 1954 until it reappeared 35 yrs later in Brazil landed perfectly with all crew and passengers only as skeletons! Wormholes, Time Jumps, and the Mysterious Santiago Flight 513 Over the 100 plus years since man first took to the skies there has been an ever increasing number of strange occurrences and mysteries. The incident took place between 1954 and 1989. Instead, it took 35 years. Unsure about the situation, airport authorities sent a team out to investigate. If so, did the airline’s on-time record ever recover?     Vice. Upon opening the doors, authorities found something still more shocking: the skeletons of 92 people, buckled into their seats. In 1985, the tabloid known for conjuring up farcical stories, published an article about another flight, Pan Am Flight 914, that reportedly had gone missing for 37 years before turning up again and landing without incident. Santiago Flight 513 departed from Aachen in what was then West Germany on September 4, 1954. CC0 modified. 00:00. The skeletal body of Captain Miguel Victor Cury was found in his pilot’s seat, hands on the controls, with the engine still humming. While the story of Pan Am Flight 914 is undoubtedly a work of fiction, it must have proved popular with readers. This line of thinking first appeared in a foreword authored by the prince to an... Did Wheat Producers in the 1930s Make Flour Sacks To Be Fashioned Into Clothes? Podcast Street Light Interference-SLIders March 17, 2021 Kyle 0 Comments. It was the first fatal accident involving a Tupolev Tu-124. September 4th, 1954 was a pretty normal day just like any other. Other academics and dignitaries were quick to jump on the bandwagon and insisted that the public had a right to know what was going on. However, Dr. Celso Atello was unable to explain the reduction of all on board to a skeletal state. Space-time warps, wormholes, and time travel have had a prominent place in science fiction for decades. The plane was nowhere to be found.     14 November 1989. © 1995 - 2021 by Snopes Media Group Inc. Aviation officials only confirmed that the aircraft appeared out of thin air and landed safely. There was nothing special, at least knowingly, about the flight. Is it really feasible that a transatlantic flight could take off in one generation and disappear for 35 years before it re-appears and lands safely with its dead crew aboard? Some of the most spectacular scientific discoveries in history began with the seeds of wild fantasies and science-fiction. Retired physics professor Roderigo de Manha believed that it was a crime against science to withhold any known information, no matter what it was. “Space and Time Warps.” Stephen Hawking. The flight was just another typical and routine trip. “THE TIME WARP OF SANTIAGO FLIGHT 513” and More Incredibly Dark Stories! On September 4, 1954, Santiago Airlines Flight 513 departed from Aachen, West Germany, destined for Porto Alegre, Brazil. The debate over what happened took on a whole new outlook when the perceived secrecy behind the investigation angered many, including Dr. Atello. The big question that physicists have been pondering for decades is, can space and time warp so dramatically that certain points in time touch or overlap, making time travel possible? between two cities. Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS. 2 August 2019. However, there is a cherished place for our science fiction stories.

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