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9.5. As Jung-ha takes off her rings, she accidentally knocks over a product, and Hye-joon catches it. Informasi dan Episode Record Of Youth Lainnya. On the contrary, this drama gives me a vibe of slice of life. DramaCool will always be the first to have the episode so please Bookmark and add us on Facebook for update!!! The producer seems intrigued by this unfamiliar newbie actor, SA HYE-JOON (Park Bo-gum) and asks his team for his name. In Korea, males are almost required to have a house before they get married. (function(d, s, id) { In the chaos backstage, Jung-ha does Hye-joon’s make-up with intense focus and the quiet intensity makes the session seem more intimate. appId : '127538621120543', As the families celebrate Kyung-joon over dinner, Dad Young-nam and Gramps create some awkward moments with their tense interactions. Thanks Record of Youth. She accepts that she got the short end of the stick in this life and decides not to complain about it. 10. In addition to battling the doubts, he’s racing against time, and the reality of his situation weigh heavier on him with every passing moment. Weekly Idol. fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs); I totally understand parental pressure is awful either way but it was just too cruelly done. Hye-joon meets Jin-woo outside and says that he’s got a lot on his mind. Weekly Idol. Hye-joon tries to convince her, but Min-jae rolls down her car window and concludes that she was only briefly excited by his proposal. Friend (and Jin-woo’s mother) Lee Kyung-mi stops by to help her cook and asks if the lady (Yi-young) has acted up lately. Quantico Season 3. A bit underwhelming 1st episode for me, that it took me 2 days to finish this. She pries about the secrets that she doesn’t know and finally lets it go when he calls her a stalker. There’s something comforting about this drama, and although I can’t quite pinpoint the reason, I’m drawn to this show. I wish the FL was not her. Korean TV Shows. This and Do You Like Brahms are what I’m watching until Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol starts airing. var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; But I totally recognize this show just started and I may be premature in making a judgement. Record of Youth Dikisahkan, Sa Hye-Joon (diperankan oleh Park Bo-Gum) cerdas dan tampan. Record Of Youth Episode 1 2 bulan ago; Series Lainnya. Phew. The cast is amazing. This show was an entertainment-related mixed with retailer-related and beauty/makeup-related (for both male and female). Record of Youth episode 15 platforms the story ready for the finale but it rehashes many plot points from the previous chapter which makes it feel a little repetitive. Jika film tidak dapat diputar atau tidak muncul, silahkan 'RELOAD' page atau … At a fashion show, he meets An Jeong-ha. They’re both the black sheep of the family, and I find it fitting and bittersweet that they share a room in house. Connect with Facebook Watch Season 1 Now on Netflix. Love is All (2020) 2020. The question that will be on everyone’s lips for the finale is, will Hye-jun and An Jeong-ha remain together? The black sheep is not helping the household and other people have to make up for it. But I will not judge this yet, it normally takes me 4 episodes to decide whether to drop or not. Enjoy. Dad SA YOUNG-NAM (Park Soo-young) tells his carpenter co-worker to share any requests for their celebratory dinner, and carpenter friend (also aspiring photographer Jin-woo’s father) KIM JANG-MAN (Jung Min-sung) is jealous that Young-nam only has Hye-joon to worry about now. (function(d, s, id) { Hola en, esperamos que la estés pasando genial viendo Youth Capitulo 1 sub español, si tienes algún problema con el video de Youth Cap 1 no dudes en usar el botón "Reportar Video".. Recuerda que en puedes ver doramas gratis en sub español y sin ningún tipo de restricción, no olvides compartirnos en tus redes sociales con tus amigos y dejarnos un comentario. Because it is really like a video clip that records some ordinary life story that tells a person who had hardships while pursuing his dream, how he overcome it, how he fall in love, maintain friendships, deal with family conflicts. Mom pulls Hye-joon aside to give him the enlistment letter and quietly advises that he enlist this time. window.fbAsyncInit = function() { Then, she asks if she should prepare salad for dinner, since Hae-hyo has a fashion show tomorrow, and Hae-hyo begs his mom to let him be. Tae-soo claims all the credit for Hye-joon’s successful modeling years and doubts that Hye-joon can transition into acting. As Hye-joon leaves the company, he receives an encouraging message from his grandpa SA MIN-KI (Han Jin-hee), who’s out dancing. Though Young-nam initially saw hope in Hye-joon’s career as a model, he’s disgruntled that Hye-joon won’t let go of his acting dreams after 7 years and wishes he would pick up carpentry. Home Record of Youth Season 1 Episode 2. Well done. 0. Yi-young then asks Ae-sook to handwash some laundry, but Ae-sook mentions that she already changed into her nicer outfit to leave for the day. Record of Youth – Drama ini mengikuti kehidupan tiga orang di industri mode saat ini. Though I enjoyed the Itaewon Class, I found that the whole story very fictional... and in a way over the top such as a girl who excelled everything ( and she was regarded sociopath yet at the end of the drama, she became a kind of lame, she lost the shine that she had early) and Sae-ro-yi's academic advisor is genius in finance thus he became loaded etc etc. I tried for 38 minutes before I gave up. Soo-bin pouts that Jung-ha is self-centered, and Jung-ha advises her to be more self-centered. Le réseau Sanctuary regroupe des sites thématiques autour des Manga, BD, Comics, Cinéma, Séries TV. Don't forget to watch the other update series. 9.5. Park Bogum is a master of that sad puppy expression. She brushes it off, and Hae-hyo asks her to respect his commitment to power his own success. Jung Ha seems to have a steady head and a goal she wants to fulfill. Ae-sook politely declines and runs into Hae-hyo at the door. I’ve been anticipating this one for months. Soo-bin thinks that Hye-joon will fade away because he’s not that great of an actor as he was a model, and Jung-ha takes offense to this. i tried watching for Park Bo Gum but I cant contnue because of Park So Dam. When the late designer Jin Joo arrives, Yi-young insists that Jung-ha finish her look. Dad asks where he’s been, and Hye-joon curtly responds that he was working. The main friendship was delightful, and I think this is where the writing really shines. Ah .. and she has been consistently bad in her cameos.. (veteran). Download Streaming Drama Korea Record of Youth Episode 1 Sub Indo. }; With Park Bo-Gum, Park So-dam, Woo-Seok Byeon, Shin Dong-mi. JOIN NOW . Watch Record of Youth (2020) Episode 1 English Subbed on Myasiantv, Youth Record follows the lives of young people in the world of modeling. Record of Youth Ep 1 Eng Sub Watch Video, We always provide you all latest Korean and Asian dramas in HD format with English Sub Title, You can visit our website We always provide you entertainment by providing you all Asian drama with Eng Sub title. At a fashion show, he meets An Jeong-ha. He has Hye-joon’s best interests in mind and even offers to hand over the restaurant to him, but Hye-joon declines the offer. He claims that he’s the burden, and Hye-joon holds his hand in gratitude. Ultimately in life, inconsiderate people with bad tempers are the winners.”. At home, Jung-ha cooks samgyupsal, and Soo-bin excitedly eats a perfect first bite. That takes guts! I really like the main leads and the show so far. I’m pretty sure he was shooting both these projects simultaneously. Friend Jang-nam tries to relieve the tension by proposing that Young-nam lead a toast, and when Young-nam has nothing to say, Gramps says that he would be bragging far and wide if he had a successful son. I'm not Asian and the physical characteristics of the PSD don't appeal to me, but she has a gift, she does very well with the eyes (and by k-actress standards I know it's not obvious) and I'm sure her character will have some interesting developments. 4. Hye-joon looks surprised by the escalation and claims that he did his best to guard the door. If their friendship doesn't last, I'm pretty sure it will be because of her. An Jeong-ha meets Hae-hyo at a library, but she misses Hye-jun — the place reminds her of him. She lacks charisma and presence. Because it is really like a video clip that records some ordinary life story that tells a person who had hardships while pursuing his dream, how he overcome it, how he fall in love, maintain friendships, deal with family conflicts. A fancy car drives by, and Jin-woo yells at the driver to catch their attention. The actor doesn’t believe him and slaps him hard. Slice-of-life dramas are exactly my cup of tea. We'll talk about it in the comment below the second episode, but I got the same impression you did. sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna. At a fashion show, he meets An Jeong-ha. Jung-ha responds that he doesn’t need a mask because of his good skin, and Hye-joon smiles slightly in satisfaction. You will receive a link to create a new password via email. I like Hye Joon for standing up for himself but I like Jungha’s character more. 'Piano player in a marching band' I think was the punch line to an old joke I heard long ago. How to Buy a Friend 2020. Back to the cast, it was perfect real casting and I hope they will perfectly best acting until this show's completion. This is drama is therapeutic for me the conflicts are not that heavy and it gives a good mood as you watch it. Record of Youth (drama) épisode 1 VOSTFR Titres. He assures the generous owner that he’s talking in general terms — not about the owner — and reluctantly agrees to reconsider the offer. Dia adalah pria yang baik dan model yang populer, tetapi yang dia inginkan adalah menjadi seorang aktor. I find struggle being faced by Hye-Joon and portrayal of imperfect family quite realistic and well done. hmm what is that song when she first sees Hye Joon.. We already have (1) rookies exploited by agencies (2) sponsor offers - this one was ickier because he is straight and sponsor is gay (3) those with connections get the jobs. I really enjoyed the emphasis on family in this first episode, and I particularly adored the relationship between Gramps and Hye-joon. ซีรี่ย์เกาหลี Record of Youth ซับไทย Ep.1-16 (จบ) 28 ตุลาคม 2563 เมื่อ 2 เดือน ที่ผ่านมา Yep, that is all of us this year, including the bandaid! 1 - 14. Hae-na parks her car and tells Jin-woo to get out. Exclusively Korean, Chinese,All Asian Series Record of Youth (2020) Episode 1 is the first site that provide you the latest episode of … Bogummie's task in the navy, not army, is to play the piano in the military band. yeah! Serenade of Peaceful Joy 2020. Enjoyed this first episode. I will say that I was at first thrown off that this drama was not hard-hitting in the first couple of episodes, but I really appreciated the quiet struggles of the characters and now I think that the low-keyness of the drama thus far matches with how our characters are dealing with their individual problems and worries. A heartfelt drama about hope, love and success starring Park Bo-gum ("Reply 1988") and Park So-dam ("Parasite"). Unique! She forces Dad and Kyung-joon into the bathroom so that they don’t make any more hurtful comments in earshot, and she tells them not to aggravate Hye-joon’s challenges. I watched the second episode and I found it more interesting. Watch all you want. Noticing a taller flower in the arrangement, Yi-young tells Ae-sook to cut it shorter, and Ae-sook obliges, though she silently disagrees. I was eagerly awaiting this first review almost as much as the start of the drama. At his company, Hye-joon demands to be paid for his runway and guard jobs, but model agency director LEE TAE-SOO (Lee Chang-hoon) retorts that he barely blocked the haughty actor from suing Hye-joon. Being the bigger person, Hye-joon lets go of Tae-soo and says that he isn’t trying to be like his friend. Jin-woo asks about the upcoming movie casting and wonders what will happen if Hye-joon doesn’t get the role. It’s Jung-ha’s day off, but she excitedly accepts the opportunity. Curious about Jung-ha’s silence, Hye-joon asks if she’s always this quiet with clients, and Jung-ha shyly respond that she isn’t. Nonton Record of Youth Episode 1 Subtitle Indonesia. The story reveals the whole set up rather slowly and it progresses with good tempo. When Jung-ha finishes the make-up, Hye-joon starts to head off, but Hae-hyo asks him to wait until he’s done. Is Kim Jin-U acted by the anonymous actor from Welcome to Waikiki? For the cast, I loved them especially with characters and their attitudes but emotions will be good enough to traditionally show how youth will know or reflection in both today and in future generations or social media generation/gen Z/gen AA (generation double A) from this episode onwards. My first impression is that it’s a thoughtful show rooted in realistic and relatable struggles of the youth. Required fields are marked *. Record of Youth (2020) Episode 14 Dec. 22, 2020. js = d.createElement(s); = id; Episode Name:Episode 1. Park Bo-gum is commercial-pretty, but his looks aren't high-fashion runway model. Dù sở hữu hai ngôi sao xu hướng Park Bo Gum và Park So Dam nhưng tập 1 Record of Youth vẫn bị chê nhàm chán. Byeon Woo-seok. Gramps comes to Hye-joon’s defense and says that his grandson is different, but Dad disagrees. Record of youth so it’s just the beginning of their new chapter of their lives. Thank goodness nasty Jin-joo only fawns over Hae-hyo to suck up to Mom, so Jung-ha can work on and stare at Hye-joon. The two models fist bump to completing each other’s sentences. Train puppies? On the other hand, regarding Park so-dam's character, I'm not feeling it as they say. I saw best editing when I looked at the beautiful onscreen focus of any social media posts which I think it will use this features until the final episode. Download Record of Youth Episode 1, Watch Record of Youth Episode 1, don't forget to click on the like and share button. Hae-hyo tells her he is enlisting, but he doesn’t tell her that it will be tomorrow. Jin Joo reminds Jung-ha that she is a ten-year veteran and warns Jung-ha to stay in her lane. Gramps looks sheepish and apologetic. Sa Hye Joon is smart and handsome. Sa Hye Joon (Park Bo Gum) adalah seorang pemuda yang pintar, baik, dan sangat tampan. 03 novembre 2020. inconnues A propos de Sanctuary. window.fbAsyncInit = function() { It was recorded as to how they started as a youth and it will be a continuous journey as they take the path of their own lives. I don't know, I am not feeling this one at all. Overall, I’m sticking with it because at the end of the day, I’m really rooting for Hyejun. }); I think the ML trying to fullfill his dream was realistic. Attempting to minimize misunderstandings, Jung-ha offers to finish up Hae-hyo’s make-up and explains that some people accuse her of making others feel uncomfortable. At first, I found it hard to believe that the mesmerizingly beautiful Park Bo-gum could be as bereft of opportunities as his character Sa Hye-jun, and my viewing stalled halfway through, but when I saw a shot of the grandpa and Hye-jun holding hands, I got back into it and now I'm with its low-key vibe. So yes - I am digging the low-key vibe, too. Drama ini menceritakan tentang Sa Hye Jun (Park Bo Gum), seorang laki-laki yang berprofesi sebagai model namun juga bekerja paruh waktu di berbagai bidang. Dia telah mengikuti audisi untuk banyak peran akting, tetapi belum menemukan kesuksesan. More Details. If that was 100% fact, I'd be swearing off Kdrama forever, because I'm really only in it for those exact kinds of friendships.. but as it stands now, I just consider it (rightfully so) bad writing if/when good friendships are ruined for any stupid reasons. In Itaewon Class I found some forcing of the plot not very credible. Two actors and a makeup artist fight to make their own way in a world that weighs the backgrounds they were born into more than their dreams. Park So Dam is so earnest and her character is as well. As soon as Bo-ra enters the room, she slaps her ex and gives him a mouthful about his insulting behavior after their break-up. It doesn’t feel too eager or dramatic like Itaewon Class, but it has the same caliber of heart. There may be a first time. The heroine in Doctors started out really strong and then become really mediocre at the end. Don't forget to watch other series updates. Synopsis Record of Youth. Hae-hyo checks the notification on his phone, and Jin-woo bets that it’s Hye-joon’s social media post. He’s chasing after a dream but at the same time he’s been working/supporting himself since he left school while the brother just started working. Hae-hyo argues that the saying doesn’t apply to them because their situations have been different from the start, and Hye-joon says that if their friendship changes, it will be because they’ve lost their innocence. The top tier cast and production is apparent in this strong first episode, as we learn about our aspiring actor and the … As always, Park bo-gum delivers and I'm looking forward to Hye-joon's journey and what happens with his friendship with Hae-hyo. I guess it's official then. But the set up is poor/weak vs rich/powerful and this is a winning set up for krama afterall. For the grandpa, we don’t know how bad a father he was but i still don’t condone the disrespect to him esp by the grandson. But I agree that it's such a cliche these days (well, painful writing in general- in any media), that it always has me worried, oyyy. Disponibilités. Hye-joon considers this a fine compromise to be freed from Tae-soo. Already you see the puzzle pieces made for each other. // Load the SDK asynchronously He compares Hye-joon to Gramps, who got caught up in the praise of his handsome looks and pursued aimless career paths in entertainment. Whoever gets the part, they agree to cheer each other on. The first outing of the 16-episode series aired simultaneously on tvN and Netflix, putting the drama under the international spotlight. Record of Youth mở đầu không thể te tua hơn: Park Bo Gum bị đập tơi tả, Park So Dam thì cấp trên chèn ép Kenh14 1 tuần trước . Record of Youth (Korean: 청춘기록; Hanja: 青春紀錄; RR: Cheongchun-girok) is a South Korean television series starring Park Bo-gum, Park So-dam, Byeon Woo-seok and Kwon Soo-hyun. She quickly departs as it hurts her too much. Offended by the judgement, Hye-joon insults his brother for having a bad personality and not contributing to the family despite his book smarts. Enjoyed this premiere, tentatively hopeful for this show! He wonders what he should do to clear his mind and silently turns to Jin-woo with a mischievous look.

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