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A passenger is speaking to his daughter in front of us. THE CANDY TRAIL's middle name should be 'crazy'. Read the best Travel Stories shared by amazing travelers around the world. 17 Crazy True Stories That Everyone Totally Thinks Are Just Bad Lies. Share it with our travelers community today! He was trying to convert them to Christianity and met an unfortunate fate. Many times when I got excited about hiking or exploring some foreign place rain was never on my mind. I work for a budget airline. We’ve all got stories like these – the kind of story that when you bring it up, you’re friends groan and say, “Not this again!” But the thing is, it totally happened. Funny & Crazy Travel Stories On this page, I will outline some of the funniest and craziest things that have happened to me in foreign countries. Noah Berman. Get a glimpse with 5 stories including: Drugged, abducted and Russia, Police hassles in Saddam's Iraq, Dental disaster in Cambodia, plus a prison visit, a the jaded traveler blues and an exclusive bonus story: Crazy in Yemen. Commercial airline travel takes us far, far out of our comfort zone. Posted on October 3, 2013 by cwingel. You have a crazy story too? Oh, how the floodgates opened. These are purely for your entertainment to read and enjoy, and I hope you will find some inspiration to step out of your comfort zone and try new things! Passenger: “You’d better hurry up and do your homework, or you’ll end up with a low-level job like her.” The passenger points to a flight attendant, my coworker. 1. Photo Credit: Pexels. Every traveler has had funny, incredible or sometimes even a little bit scary travel experiences! Lucky they got selfies with quokkas, stayed at a nice hotel sorted out on the’s app, and had stories galore to tell. Crazy stories go hand in hand with a career in aviation—and none are more shocking than these about unruly passengers. We decided to collect some of our friends and relatives funniest stories, and added to the few we have experienced through the years! Flights From Hell flies you into the crazy skies with stories about the adventures and anxieties of airplane travel. Off the back of the twins’ trip, Mamamia put the call-out to you, on Instagram, to tell us the best/funniest/worst travel stories you’ve got. This crazy travel story is about a dedicated Christian missionary who was set on traveling to the world’s most remote community in the middle of the Andaman Islands off the coast of India. Crazy Travel Stories We’ve collected many crazy travel stories for you to divulge in, from travelers across the world! In this collection, you’ll learn what it feels like to get chased by an angry elephant, and how exactly you escape the Russian Maffia…in Thailand! ... A dubious back-story. Three terrible travel experiences from around the globe. Credits: Check out more awesome videos at BuzzFeedVideo! Category Archives: Crazy Travel Stories Bad Weather Makes the Best Stories. So when we go on vacation we never consider that our expectations could be changed because of the weather. The Pipe, Story of S. I stayed in a really nice hotel in the US Reply.

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