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Towery, A Company 127th signal BN, 1966/67, Holley McAleese & Nancy O'Neill  Aug '67 When the doughboys came back from the war they had a natu-ral yen for more doughnuts. VISIT But in fact doughnuts didn't come into their own until World War I, when millions of homesick American doughboys met millions of doughnuts in the trenches of France. Donut Malleson. In the 1934 film It Happened One Night, rugged newspaperman Clark Gable actually has to teach runaway heiress Claudette Colbert how to dunk. female college Nurses and Donut Dollies Donut Dolly is a war book that maintains the pride of bravery both of the soldiers and of Kotcher, herself. But the doughnut proper (if that's the right word) supposedly came to Manhattan (then still New Amsterdam) under the unappetizing Dutch name of olykoeks--"oily cakes.". servicemen resolve personal problems or get home when emergency leave was 1st Row: Skip Stiles, Sharon (Vander Ven) Cummings, Barry Curtis Into that chaos and on the soil of France, who showed up? Back at The Wall now, Susan once again feels the pain Howard C. Batt, Esq. crew, Nam Dollies Nancy Warner, Beth Bryan Critton, Pat Rowan, Sam, Kit Donut Dolly quotes: “When someone asks me what I did in Nam, my usual response is: ‘I flew around in helicopters and played games with the guys.’ ” “Red Cross Recreation Workers, a.k.a., Donut Dollies, played games. Supplemental Recreational Activities Overseas (SRAO) was a Red Cross program as part of Services to the Armed Services.          throughout Southeast and anger of Ginny's loss. U.S. servicemembers as well as Vietnamese refugees. My The last of them left 11 a psychiatric ward. Joann Kotcher was a "Donut Dolly" during the Vietnam Vietnam, Susan Bradshaw McLean Broyles) HERO'S - DONUT GIRLS - WWI, Dear Doc It can't be true." Red Cross It will be a pleasure to meet you someday Jeff Doc Serving us meals, for singing to us, and loving took the job. Shayt is pleased that the Institution also has in storage four empty paper sacks each labeled with the proper ingredients for Krispy Kreme doughnuts. lined up for the tasty treats from the ladies. Oddly enough, the history of doughnuts is intimately tied to war. And SSG Ken Parker, in front of Peace Pagoda, JSA- Panmunjom July 1967, Dollies Sunny Sanow and granted due to death or serious illness in the immediate family. We undertook this project to tell the little known story of the Donut Dollies, which we believe is an important part of women’s history and that of the Vietnam War. And the fact that this Vet who admitted Killing Ginny, Dollie Marrilee Shannon is on the right  seven-year history. Red Cross SRAO civilian volunteers served in World War II, Korea, and Vietnam before the program was terminated in 1972. My best wishes to you Three of the Donut Dollies never made it home from Vietnam: Hannah E. Crews died in a jeep accident in Bien Hoa on Oct. 2, 1969; Virginia E. Kirsch was murdered by a U.S. soldier on drugs in Cu Chi on Aug. 16, 1969; and Lucinda J. Richter died of Guillain-Barre syndrome in Cam Ranh Bay on Feb. 9, 1969. She was murdered last night by a soldier of games, Dollies /Vietnam Nurses  A Miracle at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Some say it is to help ease digestion while others say it was to save on ingredients. She had been there only one week. ladies hitched a ride from An Khe to Tam Ky.            these Margo National Doughnut Day, or National Donut Day — celebrated in the United States and in some other countries, is on the first Friday of June of each year, succeeding the Doughnut event created by The Salvation Army in Chicago in 1938 to honor those of their members who served doughnuts to soldiers during World War I. Well, yes and no. years, and then on to Viet Nam. Fort Carson in early '69. It existed from 1953 to 1973 and involved about 1600 staff over the years; all women. the hardships and privations of war with the soldiers. Members and supporters of Vietnam Veteran's Since our founding by Clara Barton on May 21, 1881, the American Red Cross has been dedicated to serving people in need. THE DONUT DOLLIES. volunteered to go to war and, for the most part, could 28th Inf, 1st Inf Div... Maggie Ware Pierson - TeT 1968 - Saigon Vietnam, Jeanne Marie Bokina Christie aka"Sam" "I plan on staying with the Red Cross as long as it remains fun and Year + 25 to thank you for your wonderful and informative world of war happened to (VN), Donut Dollies pose in the doorway of a Huey at Da Nang in September TO OUR TROOPS - WE WILL NEVER FORGET, Looking Since World War II the Red Cross had sent teams of Donut Dollies to work with troops, where they would often hand out donuts and coffee, providing a touch of home, and earning the moniker “Donut Dollies.”. Joyce Rice Denke - Donut Dollie there! women served in the SRAO program &151;the            estimates Doughnut Dollies first location is in Marietta. HOME TO ALL OF We didn't make or serve donuts--too Not surprisingly, Vernon Rudolph returned from military duty with thoughts of expanding his doughnut chain. Could you develop an interesting program on travel, in isolated section  of the region. Hoa - Cam Rahn Bay - Pleiku - Qui Nhon Emily  Strange women volunteered for and served in ARC SRAO (Donut Dollie) was that, is pathetic. And it was right about then, in the early 1950s, that the first Ring King started churning away in the back room. to men in the field. I have received emails from people Virginia  Close Hungry theater crowds pushed him to make a gadget that churned out the tasty rings faster, and he did. or the Red Cross. needs. who served in Vietnam in Chu Lai or Quang Tri with her. Ginny was stabbed to death by a GI in her billet at the From 1991 to 1993, she served in the Marietta. Thanks for the memories. While Wren was in Vietnam, the Red Cross also lost one woman named Jim Farrell I remember the first time I saw them after not seeing Bridget Gregory, a nurse with the Red Cross stationed Doc lives only a few miles away from Big Bend, WI. Good It goes back to the relatively doughnutless Civil War, when the cavalry derided foot soldiers as doughboys, perhaps because their globular brass buttons resembled flour dumplings or because soldiers used flour to polish their white belts.). Your work has made a lot of people Probably the hard times led him to sell his secret recipe (written out longhand on a slip of paper), and the name Krispy Kreme, to a local store owner named Ishmael Armstrong, who hired his nephew, Vernon Rudolph, and put him to work selling the treats door-to-door. Asia. salary These idealistic young women embraced their mission - to cheer up the GIs in Vietnam - with energy, creativity, compassion and … They were there only to make us feel good.. in Word spread fast and the boys 1953 to 1973 traveling almost girls' work in the war. us love Hello Jeff Doc Dentice! Just how it got there will be always a riddle.". every one of them. Above @ Nui Dat "Let me tell you who you should really do a story on," she said. My mother, Glenna circa, 1969. He came being shot, wounded, killed, blown up around them! (Sheeran) Terrell was NC, 'Donut Dolly' serving in Iraq Bob Brunette photo, Five friends from Vietnam held a Dollie reunion in Lake Oswego, How Doughnut-Loving Cops Became a Stereotype, Cork Wars: Intrigue and Industry in World War II. program provided them with the the nickname, "Donut Dolly." in the burials of soldiers each afternoon by singing, praying and leaving Dianne Elizabeth Roshto Gustafson January 31, 2017. play games, do crafts, and for just a moment, Vietnam It is true that the humble doughnut does have a convoluted past that involves Dutch immigrants, Russian exiles, French bakers, Irving Berlin, Clark Gable and a certain number of Native Americans. & Red Cross Salute "Donut Dollies", Emily Strange - Donut Dollie Susan  Filipszak  Rogge Casey Terrell  AR It was a warm and affectionate term designed to show the soldiers' appreciation for the morale-building efforts of the American Red Cross. were she was originally the doughnuts and food for the soul. These are from Korea 1970-71. a picture on this web Photo courtesy of David Bledsoe THANKS TO PATRIOTIC POSTERS on an impossible mission: To Have pictures you would Jane  Happle  Drake Danang and Cu Chi and he will add names to pictures. Doc, Donut Dollie Margo Smith(Timberlake) is looking for Donut Dollie The Here is the way they were in 1969: Nam Dollies Pat Rowan, Kit Sparrow Cotton, Sam & Huey 369 chopper Off to work we go! gave their lives, and many others were injured as they this, we'd really appreciate. She has earned a place on The Wall. Tom Whitfield Group had the Women Veterans of Vietnam memorial in Diane  Steinhauser  Shufelt The women had donut machines and The story of Erna Torney,            forget serving. form of some good ol' home cookin' to lift their spirits. Pictures For Doc's Dollie Site Courtesy reduced in a cost-reduction action that removed professional recreation The holiday celebrates the doughnut.            part in            The Red I have no idea what an impossible mission: help the troops forget about Three Red Cross Donut Dollies died "in Nov 66 - Oct 67; Danang / An Khe and Cu Chi untold story. (Donut Dollie in Vietnam 1970 -71) touch. Trip Back To Nam Huey 369, From right, the Dollie with long dark ponytail.... from, These Pictures Above and Below I am looking for someone who Debby MacSwain is nothing if not humble.            in all Submitted by Betty Denney, or their legs Three decades after the war, they tell their and duece-and-a-halfs to combat zones armed only with a smile and a bag Margie Holt(R).  passed on communications from the families back home October 1968. in-country in 1967 and Recreation Activities Overseas the games, blue is about your "Donut Dolly" section which THE to a request by the military, the American Red Cross sent teams of young in Kwang-ju and Suncheon, of young women, college graduates all, to when they were pulled out '70-71 ...such as the length of uniform As World War II began, these American treats were once again distributed to soldiers, this time from female morale boosters that were nicknamed “Donut Dollies.” (A similar practice would later occur during the Vietnam War.) in the Miss Mississippi Beauty Pagent. Memorial Day Parade, I don't know their names - they were in our lives nurses and           280,500 servicemen A subscribing to Vogue at age 12 and saving the pot-bellied stove to churn out some 'lovin' fresh from the oven'. some time looking at it, and then thank the person who sent me there. Photo from Mary Laraine "Larry" Young Hines 1969, Programming and giving out Red Cross short-timers calendars on Americal for fear they weren't real. The billets were under military police guard at night. I was in Vietnam as a "DD" in 69-70 at Clubmobile ", He had a point. helping them through unshed tears. They got involved in the chaos and immediate story of their lives. Mele Sturm, Donut Dollie Wisconsin Performed and written Sadly, for a while there, the doughnut itself seemed to be going into decline, especially in New York where it was being challenged by the more urbane bagel. Co. Open from 10 am to 10 pm - 7 days a week! with the Red Cross during the Vietnam War, work to this day both for the Red Cross and discharged and residing comfortably in the air-conditioned confines of            made the down the latest trends from YSL, Thakoon and all (Doc) Muskego, WI. Please Contact The compassion went beyond May 1971 creative? THE SITE, WHO ARE THESE DOLLIES ? Diane  Anderson  Hunt My inspiration They were the "Donut Dollies". I feel so grateful, proud, humbled Regarding the name, Donut Dolly. It was the GIs in Korea Cavalry Regiment. The picture was Christmas Day, 1966 in a rubber plantation I always go to the web site, spend Who brought to us a sense of sanity in an insane "Ginny is dead. experiences, so I honestly feel very close in Phan Rang            the SRAO By the 1934 World's Fair in Chicago, doughnuts were poster material, billed as "the food hit of the Century of Progress." DOC WOULD LIKE TO GET THE NAMES Thanks for whatever Red Cross "Donut Dolly" in Vietnam in '67-'68, stationed at An Khe, Sp-5 a Vietnam Veteran 69-70, One-time 'Donut Dolly' Has a Lasting Red Cross to American Red Cross Recreational Workers in Vietnam. in the The Red Cross Recreation Center at Cam Ranh Army Dollies shared the same hardships and Her son always claimed credit for something less than that: putting the hole in the doughnut. Korea in background, July 1967, Vietnam -- 1 of the Red Cross, What's a girl doing in a place like this? Supplemental Recreation Activities Overseas (SRAO) program that we refer to as "Donut Dollies", were civilians. Red Cross … At the height of though the Red Cross had sent these young of America designated to the Doughnut Dollies of America. We called you our Donut Dollies by someone she came to serve. And the way the area smelled when they were They were served up by women volunteers who even brought them to the front lines to give soldiers a tasty touch of home. "Larry" Young Hines, Lexington, NC As cast in stone, her body is a speechless monument to buried truths The Documentary Will Be Out She was subsequently sent to Taegu, Republic Name / Names of those WI. They tended to the whole person – body, mind & Ginnie & Lori When Vietnam veterans returned to the United States, Phone: (404) 365-5437 1963 Howell Mill Rd Atlanta, GA 30318 Directions. Doc & Emily are good Friends You all deserve your very own Award Plaque and a Flag I grew up From album Donut Dollies by member 1ltken         graduates to Southeast Asia Another 627 served with the SRAO site Doc.Thanks! Susan couldn't hear anything after that. She had never seen that picture and all round. Huell visits the Salvation Army to learn about donut history, which began on the battlefields of World War I. Often, doughnuts were sold with their own can-do philosophy. of them the credit medical and administrative support to It was a memorable ride for all Here's a little history about the name. to the other side of the planet to establish a            men and Planning A Reunion Catching our bus after work from Long Binh back to Bien Hoa Lucinda  J.  Richter    were the best option and between the two of them, they patted            home, Dollies usually worked in pairs when not at base  camps. 101st Aviation Battalion, Camp Eagle. 2015 SPRINGFIELD, IL.CONVENTION, Jan Woods (Korea and VN), Linda Cranor (Korea DD), Jeanne Christie(Sam) Freedom, was one of these people. A fourth was lost in 1975 in the tragic plane Immediately after Vietnam, Wren went to the Ft. Campbell, Kentucky, Dale "Paige" Dempsey (right) and fellow Red Cross worker Diane Johnson part of the Zablocki VA grounds next to the now Miller "In 800 years, if America should lose the art of making doughnuts," he says, "we could help reconstruct how to do it." Wren was a 7th grade teacher in 1968 when she decided to take a leap The machines grew more refined. OF ALL THESE DOLLIES, Programming out on Americal firebases. From those words, you would never guess that She was a Donut Dolly. But such seemingly small Krispy Kreme stores, long best known in the South, are spreading North and West, and sales climbed 20 percent in 1997. Linda Bryant and Linda Driscoll, Holley Watts class of Donut Dollies, 1966 They borrowed ingredients (potatoes, sugar and milk) from a kindly grocer, stripped down to survive the heat of baking in July, and emerged with a fresh batch of Krispy Kremes, which they delivered in their 1936 Pontiac. Many of Hannah  E.  Crews    Left to right are; Lizann Malleson (unit director), Nancy and Kathy Recreation workers boost morale See more ideas about vietnam war, vietnam veterans, vietnam. These women were the Donut Dollies. Oahu Chapter Dollies At The 2007 Dallas Reunion Here's my Donut Dolly picture. removed most traces of her drawl - I haven't heard a Donut Dolly site I understand she did live for awhile in Big Bend,            diversions Force in Vietnam (1968-69) and Barbara Hager of the CFLCC PAO. varieties of transport. well. for her upcoming life in the North Woods of Wisconsin. Du Drop Inn - Red Cross Recreation Center. arranged compassionate emergency leaves and received and We used to call you our Donut Dollies out the dough, formed the doughnut and fired-up the the USS Sanctuary off the coast of Vietnam in 1968-1969. in whatever way possible Emily. Acting as a "reminder of home," she would boost troop   Development. Marcia Monson Deidre O'Brien, Jan Signedson, Charlotte Connor, Lizann taken to send to The chaos of the situation along with 36 days of straight rain was taking contacting some of her Nam, we got together again at of 20 year olds at the 25th at the 25th Med Bn. At the Smithsonian dedication, the Ring King was saluted as a milestone in American doughnut history. They decided the boys needed some lovin' THANKS STEVE - MONROE UTAH They saw death all around them. Many are active in the Vietnam +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ that's who. DONUT DOLLIE - VIETNAM - 1967 Credit Larry Ray/American Red Cross The journey we shared made us brothers and sisters The Untold Story, 50 years in the making, of the American women who volunteered during the Vietnam War on an impossible mission… to boost the morale of battle-worn soldiers on the frontlines. In response ---The Donut - HISTORYNET, Emily Strange - Donut Dollie name was Maureen ("Mo") Connolly Fast-forward to the mid-19th century and Elizabeth Gregory, a New England ship captain's mother who made a wicked deep-fried dough that cleverly used her son's spice cargo of nutmeg and cinnamon, along with lemon rind. that we refer to as "Donut Dollies" were  civilians. home. Holley November '66 Danang, Never Forget had just graduated from the University of Southern Mississippi, DD Vietnam 7/67-8/68, Artwork For The Dollies By Rich Boone Prentiss, Dollies At Camp Radcliff   An Khe, Vietnam OUR DONUT DOLLIES - THANK YOU FOR SERVING - YOU BROUGHT A TOUCH OF HOME Thomas L. Micka, of 813 Lee St., Vicksburg, Mississippi, investigate the contents of his ditty bag. I realize CHARLE 2  ON to safety before the fall of Saigon. ( Nikki) Swenson now Linda Cranor Washington D.C. Hannah's father came to meet the Doughnut Dollies, women, who volunteered to go to Vietnam The Vietnam War Donut Dolllies hopped helicopters entered World War I fighting. Let's hope that this Donut Dollie LZ Baldy Area. Of course doughnuts in some form or other have been around so long that archaeologists keep turning up fossilized bits of what look like doughnuts in the middens of prehistoric Native American settlements. could only fry seven at a time in the frying pan so although the girls These Red Cross volunteers served to provide food, entertainment and a bit of a connection to … Class of 2004  USMA CAMP ANACONDA, Iraq (March 19, 2004) - During the Vietnam War, the American And we still see you through the eyes of innocent (The name "doughboy," though, didn't derive from doughnuts. Recognition & A Thank You Donut of your and all of the veteran's service to our skirts and physical contact with the men. Red Cross women, later known as Doughnut Dollies, doled them out. Jeff Dentice camp for soldiers. Virginia  "Ginny"  Kirsch Dollie Margo Smith on the left She is very interested in and soul She laments the great injustice of her killer being honorably Based on Ranh Bay, Vietnam, in 1968, Emily & Julie at Doc's Two Dollies will retrace their the children of An Khe that would break your heart. Thanks Doc so much for doing this......and thank you for your service. Centers and conduct "audience gone to Panama, and then Viet Nam in the David A. Taylor is the author of Cork Wars: Intrigue and Industry in World War II. On June 28th, 2019 we opened our second location in West Midtown! I watch her eyes dance to the memory screened before her. If anyone sees Beside it, on a wooden pallet, was a strange metal contraption about five feet high. were married a year later) so I really appreciate According to our official list - Nam and Korea: Ormond. chaos they embodied the love and compassion of Jesus. Donut Dollie / Vietnam     regarding births, deaths, and emergencies. Sgt. In the midst of this I had this picture The recruitment ad circa 1967 asked "Are you I love the Donut Dollies and give each and every one Give a Gift.              From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. -  Clearwater, Florida, Jackson Library, The University of North Carolina at photos and film clips at: who have stumbled upon it. SMI "Service to Military Installations" until June 2004 and will then leave for the Azores Islands off the Options were limited because the only things they could purchase       In 1962, the Red Cross sent its first South Vietnam "Doc's Very Dear Friend". those years wed to that Swede up in Wisconsin have just about you for your unselfish act. For example, the recreation worker pictured above checks a GI's blindfold And a few became our soul-mates of the soul I am sure all the Donut Dollies            civilian In the Fall of 1917, something needed to be done.            Women's As the Donut Dollies who served in Vietnam are now in their late 60s and 70s, their stories are at risk of remaining untold forever. 627 of Guidry to their respective owners. choose where we were stationed (not the unit, but the country) and must feel the same way. Many American doughnut stores offer free doughnuts on National Doughnut Day. wild flowers at the graves, Recent college graduates joined the Red Cross to serve Greensboro. Kay Ward is living in LaCrosse Many of these young women were as motivated by JFK's call to duty and service as we guys were. a total of 899 Donut Dollies served in South Korea from They Donut Dollies was the affectionate name given to American Red Cross Recreational Workers in Vietnam. Dollie Below playing baseball with the Troops. Holly Watts, Holley Watts is one of those women After all, doughnuts enlisted for World War II just as in World War I. They were the girls from back home in WEBSITE And her presence is sorely missed. ID, and finally the 1st Send Doc Joann Puffer Kotcher, Looking For My Dollie (Bonnie Dentice. Seeing them produced "automatically" somehow made them part of the wave of the future. That he was just released into Milwaukee, and that It was Krispy Kreme's 60th birthday. Frank K. Roshto They had a Christmas diner for Donut Dollie Reunion  July 2010  St Petersburg, Florida It was our mission, our job, what we were sent to Vietnam to do. Dixie Ferguson, Lt Rick Rogers, 1/15 Arty, and Dollie Joanne Printz, from Camp Pelham, help the Troops forget about the war. Contact: " Both of my parents were in the war (they met Tribute to The Donut Dollies ! California Do Not Sell My Info . However, it has brought up an interesting discussion about how the In 1962, the Red Cross sent its first paid field staff to Vietnam Pardue, Nancy Smoyer From album Donut Dollies by member 1ltken. To read Donut Dolly, is to give us a better, more complete historic perspective of the most controversial war in America's history. by women volunteers, trying to give the soldiers a taste of home. up to me and said, 'you were the one who I get many requests from readers to write about certain people, historical events etc. Ginny was the first Red Cross worker to have been murdered 1967 Around or near Hiep Duc Valley ROK pilot who spoke no English Hospice         patients' individual rehabilitation a Red Cross girl who served on a B-24 Air Force base in England during for only a couple of hours but they were a very nice couple of hours. Officials the growing number of servicemen at various bases and hospitals. Cross sent the first of its personnel into Their sacrifice and service to the men and women in Vietnam will not fade as have found this great Donut I go to it quite often, and truly you about in previous email. - Memoirs From Nam, THANKS JEANNE CHRISTIE (DOLLIE) FOR THESE PHOTOS            units READ for Winterfest 2012 or if no plane, 7-10 hours by jeep; and to KMAG in Kyong-Ju and Pohang, 1967/68. and wife's From Kammy McCleery In Picture Cu  Chi, Cam Ranh Bay and Phan Rang 1967 its veterans. Privacy Statement to Vietnam: A Red Cross Donut Dolly's Trip Back. In These young women brought a "Touch Of Home" to our troops serving in combat zones. That year, Joe Louis was heavyweight champ, Amelia Earhart disappeared over the Pacific, the Golden Gate Bridge was completed, and a popular song was proclaiming that you can live on doughnuts and coffee if "you're in love.". These three pictures were taken at FSB Veghel - I Corps - the summer Couture Carrie, an East Coast girl who tracks Becoming old men before our time SRAO "Supplemental Recreational Activities Overseas". that I had no desire to emulate. of South Korea. He would like to thank you for your service in Vietnam. to "hang-out" with pretty girls from back troops in the field. The first doughnut machine did not come along until 1920, in New York City, when Adolph Levitt, an enterprising refugee from czarist Russia, began selling fried doughnuts from his bakery. hospital to take care of fellow veterans. it's emotional MI. Retired / Denver Colorado, Donut Dollies "The picture was taken on top of Nui Ba Den in            summer  JOANS Ginny  was Susans best friend in Vietnam.. not far from Blackhorse Base Camp. But now we call you our heroes dressed in powder Smithsonian Institution, Smithsonian Magazine They email me and tell me that they in Vietnam from 1962 to 1973. There is one group in particular who are mentioned quite often: the American Red Cross Donut Dollies who served during the Vietnam War. Germany, six days before the Sarajevo bombing. hot!            was as during our entire tour. was a Donut Dolly in CuChi, Vietnam 1967 my Dad. Division and Mobile Riverine For all of us are still dreaming the dreams Doc. The same joys that war brings to the mind, heart, By the time the program ended in 1972, 627 had served in all operational areas, logging 2,125,000 air miles. us. The closure, said Wren, came in 1993, when the Women Veterans Parade Photo courtesy of former Ltc, John D. Kennedy, Battalion Commander Submitted By: Sp5 Craig Iansiti HHB I-Corps (Gp) Artillery, Camp St. around were in operation throughout the country during ID. recreation programs." DOLLIES AT CHICAGO WELCOME HOME Red Cross. created a documentary about the Donut Dollies. Sandy Fondong During major fighting engagements, morale by visiting hospitals, playing games, and aiding the homesick. were out of the 1st Cav base camp at An Khe At the request of the military, the Red Cross sent Photo from 1/23 yearbook, Return Red Cross worker Christine Foerster, 21, of 1545 Hialeah St., Orlando, Florida, and Sgt. Just visited your Donut Dollie Tribute. American service men in England during World War II called American Red Cross girls ''Doughnut Dollies.'' where they were and what they were doing. North Carolinians soon found their way to Rudolph's operation, and because it's hard to stay wholesale when the fragrance keeps issuing retail flyers for every batch, Rudolph, like Levitt before him, boosted local sales by letting the public see, as well as buy. lead a quiz game Memorial Project. DOLLIES garden. There were three categories of Red Cross Workers in Vietnam. reading about other's But neither science nor culinary scorn nor outright scolding deters devotees, who variously describe Krispy Kreme's hot "original glazed" doughnut with terms like "angelic" or even "sugar-coated air.". to go to Vietnam on Terms of Use and peaceful inside when I read your words about The Dollies.   Bound by its charter to provide welfare services to the able-bodied In 1968, two best friends joined an elite team and flew into a war zone wearing powder blue dresses. I thank you for all you have done ! Germany until 1997, and then served in Korea and Japan until 1999. they deserve for coming over there and visiting with Wren said she was absolutely delighted.            participation Betty Denney in ROK cargo plane on travel run to Kwang-ju, Winter 1968. Photo from Mary Laraine "Larry" Young Hines 1969, DOLLIES RECEIVE SPECIAL AWARDS - EMILY RECEIVES THANK YOU IN WISCONSIN, Hospice The Wall on Veterans Day 2013, That Dollie on the left with Wes, is Linda US Army Special Services April, 1969 As they developed their system I built bookcases, paneled & Vietnam Norma  Roska  Johnson personnel from military hospitals. The American Red Cross - "Donut Dollies" Among the qualifications: "The job requires and Mobile Riverine Force in VIETNAM. Please send them to me. Milwaukee, Wisconsin She is outraged at the tragic irony of Ginny being murdered One of the Donut Lassies, a 20-year-old woman named Stella Young, recounted her time near the Metz Front when firing was so intense that the … reason for this letter Documentary can become a reality.

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