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Lupin (S01E01): Chapter 1 Summary. JOIN NOW. This happens to be the date Assane is going to make his move. Tweet. 0. The Netflix show gets off to a strong start, but loses its way. Raoul reads the chapter on Lupin in prison while we watch how Assane escaped. Episode 4 thickens the conspiracy and brings in investigative journalism to help Assane’s cause — this is definitely a series that grows stronger with each chapter. The show, which is broken up into two parts, released its first five episodes last week, while the second part of the series has yet to be given an official release date. TV Reviews ‘Lupin’, Season 1 Episode 3: “Chapter 3” — RECAP by Lebo Malatse. 0. Series Title : Lupin; Episode Number : Season 1 Episode 1; Episode Aired : 8th January 2021; Watched by 3704 People; This Episode Length : 60 Minutes; Network : Netflix; Season 1; S01E01 Chapter 1 Summary. Reddit. However, the plotting is good and the flashbacks – although slightly overlong – works quite well to flesh out the full story. The character was first introduced in a series of short stories serialized in the magazine Je sais tout.The first story, "The Arrest of Arsène Lupin", was published on 15 July 1905. Created by George Kay. We have recapped every episode — check out the toggles of the top of the page for next and previous episodes. A review of the new Netflix series Lupin, starring Omar Sy. Lupin is a French adventure series on Netflix which premiered on January 8, 2021. Lupin. Arriving on Netflix today is Lupin – a brand new French crime drama starring Jurassic World’s Omar Sy as a Parisian janitor who tries to steal Marie Antoinette’s necklace from the Louvre. He’s clearly plotting his next move while posing as a cleaner there. Pin. Netflix's French-language series 'Lupin' (based on the novel series 'Arsène Lupin, Gentleman Thief' by Maurice Leblanc, draws from a real historical scandal. Watch all you want. Lebo Malatse is a content creator and writer. Soufiane Guerrab as Youssef Guedira on 'Lupin' (Netflix) While Assane's many tricks have left the police trailing behind him in the dust, there's one detective who's managed to see through his charade from the start — Youssef Guedira. Youssef is teased, again, for reading Lupin. Summary. 82. Lupin Perenna (Omar Sy) checks into work at the Louvre in Paris on New Year’s Eve. The Part 1 of Lupin has already premiered n Netflix January 8 onwards. Netflix’s Lupin. Inspired by the adventures of Arsène Lupin, gentleman thief Assane Diop sets out to avenge his father for an injustice inflicted by a wealthy family. The series is the retelling of a classic French story based on the life of Lupin who was regarded as a gentlemen thief and a master of disguise, according to the Netflix synopsis. With a muscular 6’ 3” frame, gentleman thief Assane Diop shouldn’t fade into the background. Critic score; Publication; By date; RogerEbert.com. Lupin is a pretty great way to spend an hour, especially in a year when you take what you can get. Negative: 0 out of 8. Email. 0 Shares. This necklace, as we soon find out, belonged to Marie-Antoinette and will be put up for auction in a week’s time. Both shows achieved over 60 million streams in their first 28 days on Netflix, while Lupin looks to reach 70 million by 5th February, when it will have been available for a month. The opening . By Dan Jackson. Share. Starring: Omar Sy, Ludivine Sagnier, Clotilde Hesme. Netflix's Lupin is the First Great Show of 2021 Robert Daniels January 06, 2021. Tweet. Share. Movie Reviews Great Movies Collections TV/Streaming Features Chaz's Journal Interviews TV/Streaming. Netflix's Heist Series 'Lupin' Is the First Fun Streaming Surprise of the Year This French riff on Maurice Leblanc's "gentleman thief" is a nimble, clever mystery. Guedira is the first detective to spot Assane's obsession with Arsené Lupin, and has managed to piece together nearly the whole story behind the thief. Mixed: 0 out of 8. Reviewed by: Robert Daniels. This recap of Netflix’s Lupin season 1, episode 4 contains significant spoilers. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Netflix plans more French content to sit alongside Lupin The ratings success of Lupin, was always going to lead to more French content, and we now have some details.Overall, there are plans to produce or launch a … By . The thug states that Assane hung himself in the showers so he didn’t have to do a thing. We begin episode 1 of Lupin with Assane Diop marveling at a necklace kept in the Louvre. She’s an… 0 Shares. Critic score distribution: Positive: 8 out of 8. Stream On: Critic Reviews. UNLIMITED TV SHOWS & MOVIES. Creators: George Kay. Lebo Malatse. Arsène Lupin is a fictional gentleman thief and master of disguise created in 1905 by French writer Maurice Leblanc.He was originally called Arsène Lopin, until a local politician of the same name protested. With Omar Sy, Vincent Londez, Ludivine Sagnier, Hervé Pierre. Lupin Episode Summaries Guide & TV Show Schedule: As a teenager, Assane Diop's life was turned upside down when his father died after being accused of a crime he didn't commit. However, the heist takes an unexpected turn. Netflix Netflix. Arjun Neil Alim. In the morning, he speaks to Claire (Ludvine Sagnier), his baby mama, about him getting a job and seeing his son, Raoul. Chapter 1 Summary. Share. Summary: Assane Diop (Omar Sy) seeks to steal a necklace his father was accused to taking years ago in the French series created by George Kay with François Uzan that was inspired by the is inspired by the Arsène Lupin books by Maurice Leblanc. Netflix’s Lupin reboots the character and introduces him to a wider audience; in a meta twist, Assane is obsessed with the original Lupin novel, and is not, technically, the man himself. The sweet nurse finds Assane hanging from a bedsheet and his body is carried off. As long as we keep our wits about us, there's nothing wrong with a little fun. Welcome to our episode 3 recap of 'Lupin'. JOIN NOW SIGN IN. Years after a tragic injustice involving his father, Assane seeks to settle a score, and a debt, by stealing a diamond necklace. 25 years later, Assane will use 'Arsandegrave;ne Lupin, Gentleman Burglar' as his inspiration to avenge his father. Where To Watch. Summary; Critic Reviews; User Reviews; Details & Credits; Trailers & Videos; Metascore . 'Lupin' Follows a Gentleman Thief, a Necklace and a Man's Quest for Revenge. Lupin arrived on Netflix at the start of this year and immediately rose to the top of TV-lovers' watch list. Netflix France recently released a new series titled Lupin. Lupin is also Netflix's biggest French international hit to date and the streaming giant has just confirmed that part two will be released in the summer of 2021. 2021 | TV-MA | 1 Season | TV Comedies. Lupin on Netflix review: Paris’s gentleman thief steals the show. Inspired by the adventures of Arsène Lupin, gentleman thief Assane Diop sets out to avenge his father for an injustice inflicted by a wealthy family. Universal acclaim - based on 8 Critic Reviews . Jan 8, 2021. This French-language heist comedy, inspired by a classic 19th century series of stories, is a delight. Lupin returns for a slightly longer episode this time and 50 minutes of drama that slows the pacing down slightly after such a breathless opening. Commissioner Dumont (blech) wakes up in a lovely home with a wife and kids. He and his coworker admire the queen’s necklace but move on as they notice they are being monitored.

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